Nintendo unmoved by rivals' plans

"Nintendo's philosophy is to try to create new forms of entertainment"
Nintendo's veteran games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told the BBC that the firm is "not worried at all" by Microsoft and Sony's new controllers.

The Japanese firm has enjoyed huge success with its Wii console, in large part due to its motion control system.

At the E3 games show in Los Angeles, both Microsoft and Sony have shown off new control systems which aim to make gaming more accessible.

Mr Miyamoto said Nintendo was flattered by the approach taken by the firms.

He told BBC News: "The fact that both of those companies are looking at getting the gamer off the couch, taking advantage of motion control, and getting them to control the game by moving their body shows that they have looked at what we have done with Wii.

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BadboyCivic3427d ago

To think that Sony and MS was going to sit idly by and watch you corner an entire market to yourself...

madmonkey03427d ago

lol @ above

i think it depends how MS and sony use the Tech, sony could easily use this controll method in all their current games and new games. becuase it has buttons and analog sticks. + third party developers could port wii games ove to use with the PS3 remote.

cant see much use for NATAL though except for mini games and the user interface, might be good for RTS or Basic sport games like wii sports though, but with out buttons it may be limited. but im willing to be proved wrong!

WildArmed3427d ago

I dont they wii has anything to fear.

its cheap as hell n it has motion controlls.. thats all the market cares.. not how well motion controls work, they aint gonna spend 200$++ just to get better motion controllers..
Wii has the casual market in the bag.
GJ Nintendo ^^

But seriously, SONY n MS pawned E3..
can't w8 4 uncharted 2.. loving the beta

Vicophine3427d ago

They should be, at least a little. Both Natal and the PS3's motion controller look way better, graphically and mechanically, than Wii MotionPlus.

heosphuros3427d ago

Yeh Even with the wii plus thing it doesnt track as fast as the PS3 remote does. NATAL though seems to be a direct advancement of the Eyetoy, which didnt work very well.

heosphuros3427d ago

lets face it PS3 And MS owned The Gamecube1.5 with their motion controlls, and dont forget Sny did it on a console first

SpoonyRedMage3427d ago

Actually Nintendo did motion contols on the NES. Ever heard of the Powerglove?

Vicophine3427d ago

LOL, there's a reason why people don't know about the Powerglove, it was full of fail!

SpoonyRedMage3427d ago

Yes, but Nintendo did it first.

Same with 3D...

Many people consider the eyetoy a failure as well, although the game where enemies jumped at you and stuff was good.

heosphuros3427d ago

no i havnt ever heard of the pwerglve acutally, my bad.

madmonkey03427d ago

lol Power glove was ace. but BTW it wasnt Designed or made by nintendo, it was just licensed by them for use with the NES in the late 80s, i cant remember who made it but i will look it up for you. wasnt it featured in the film the wizard?

SpoonyRedMage3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Yer, there was that really cheesy line about it as well.

Nintendo also had some weird input device for disabled people with a straw. The eighties was a strange time.

The point still stands, Nintendo may not have developed it first but they implemented it first.

@V: Hmm interesting but all that tells me is that Nintendo had already tried it...

madmonkey03427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

i just took this from Wiki if anyones interested (maybe not the best source)

"The Power Glove was originally released in 1989.[1] Though it was an officially licensed product, Nintendo was not involved in the design or release of this accessory. Rather, it was designed by the team of Grant Goddard and Sam Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment (AGE), made by Mattel in the United States[1] and PAX in Japan. Additional development was accomplished through the efforts of Thomas G. Zimmerman and Jaron Lanier, a virtual reality pioneer responsible for co-developing and commercializing the DataGlove[2] who had made a failed attempt at a similar design for Nintendo earlier[3]. The Power Glove and DataGlove were based on Zimmerman's instrumented glove (US Patent 4542291 issued 1985). Zimmerman built the first prototype that demonstrated finger flex measurement and hand position tracking using a pair of ultrasonic transmitters. His original prototype used optical flex sensors to measure finger bending which were replaced with less expensive carbon-based flex sensors by the AGE team."

OH just found this aswell, the basis of NATAL maybe?
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The U-Force was a game controller made by Brøderbund for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It employed a pair of perpendicular infrared sensor panels to translate the user's hand movements into controller signals.

From a print advertisement circa 1989[1]:

Introducing U-Force, the revolutionary controller for your Nintendo Entertainment System. So hot, no one can touch it. Now you can feel the power without touching a thing. It's U-FORCE from Broderbund - the first and only video game controller that, without touching anything, electronically senses your every move, and reacts. There's nothing to hold, nothing to jump on, nothing to wear, U-FORCE creates a power field that responds to your every command--making you the controller. It's the most amazing accessory in video game history - and it will change the way you play video games forever. It's the challenge of the future. U-FORCE. Now nothing comes between you and the game.

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SpoonyRedMage3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Nintendo shouldn't be moved. Both Sony and MS are in the early stages of their technology and it may not be implemented for a year or two whilst Nintendo had Motionplus coming next month and full games using the controls.

By the time Sony and MS have implemented their's properly Nintendo will be well ahead and can improve their motion tech again and if all comes down to next gen they could easily bulk up their hardware to match the competitors.

Nintendo still has the upper hand as things go.

Oh yer, why was everyone amazed by Sony's demo? It just does what Motion Plus does. The Bow demo was practically the same apart from the fact that Nintendo's was in game.

Vicophine3427d ago

Because it actually have lots of poly's and wasn't too kiddy.

It's like the big boy version of it.

madmonkey03427d ago

the bow demo was pretty similar, but the rest of the demo showed just how much better the PS3 version is better than the wiis, and that it could be used in real games, unlike Some other forms of motion sensing technology.

SpoonyRedMage3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Well the only thing that looked better to me was the pencil thing because I haven't seen anything similar with the Wii, but I haven't seen anything tried like that.

The sword and shield was pretty much like Gladiator AD to me and most likely the next Zelda(in development) will use a similar set up.

The Wiimote's used in proper games as well, did you watch the previews of Red Steel 2 and No More Heroes 2?

EDIT: The rest of what I saw was pretty standard eyetoy stuff. All Nintendo would need to do that would be a eyetoy style camera.

madmonkey03427d ago

perhaps i should of put more precise rather than better, and the real games bit was a dig at ms not nintendo,I just cant see how NATAL is going to work. red steel two does look good, and RE4 was good with the wii mote,

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