IGN: E3 2009: 360 to Stick Around Until 2015

IGN Writes:
The Xbox 360's recently unveiled motion control technology will help extend the console's life span into 2015, according to Microsoft executive Shane Kim.

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Foxgod3422d ago

That would make it a 10 year life span, not bad for a console.

BadboyCivic3421d ago

just like the 10 year life the original xbox had...i say 2011 a new box will be here and the 360 will be laid to rest.

SupaPlaya3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

that they're supporting their console longer this time around, but it probably has a lot to do with the cost of marketing a new console too. Let's hope they stay true to their word.

After all, as long as the games are good I could careless if it isn't run at 1080p/60.

Alan Wake and the newer Chipset might make me finally plunge for a 360.

** BadboyCivic, that was uncalled for.

irish-leprecaun3421d ago

uncharted 2 is only the beginning!!
they will have regretted not having blu-ray by 2015!!

JsonHenry3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I love my 360, so much so that I have bought 3 of them even after the first two broke. But the machine is REALLY starting to show its age. I guess this would not be so noticeable to me if I did not own a gaming PC rig. But it is hard for me choose to buy a game for the PS3 or the 360 when the PC has such a lead over the consoles in terms of visuals. Not to mention the fact that the PC version of the games are usually $10-15 cheaper. I just can't see the 360 or the PS3 hanging in there for a full ten years. Maybe they can co-exist like the PS2 and PS3. But surely not as the sole console from that manufacturer.

If it were not for a select few exclusives (and Netflix and Blu-ray) I would probably have sold both my PS3 and my 360 a while ago.

Sitdown3421d ago

to tell BadboyCivic why Microsoft abandoned the original xbox....or should I?....cause hopefully then he will see how the situations differ.

ShabzS3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

i'm saying 2012/ 13.... the consoles technological capabilities will not be questioned but ... the dvd wont last that long...

Tito Jackson3421d ago

I think another console will have come out by that time, and if its backwards compatible, especially with Natal(or if something better has come along) then I believe the majority of gamers will have moved onto the next console from MS. I know I will.

I think the 360 will go strong until they announce something new. Then console sales will steadily drop, until the new console is released.

Genesis53421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Going to be a tight squeeze for DVD9 and no dedicated hard drive.

Blaze9293421d ago

Um...first of all a "life cycle" was never announced for the Xbox 1; damn well not a 10 year one. Besides that, Microsoft was in a really bad situation with the Xbox 1 and loosing way too much money for what it was worth so they had no option but to bail and start new early in.

Xbox 360 is actually successful this generation, believe it or not which is why Microsoft gets so much media attention; the underdog came out of no where and actually are doing a good job compared to the position they were in last gen. With Natal coming for the xbox 360, Microsoft made it clear the 360 would be here for many years to come and will just find work-a-rounds for their short comings.

10 years and 1 more day than Sony, Microsoft isn't kidding. And the way the economy is now, would be complete idiocy to introduce a new console over $400 any time soon.

Syronicus3421d ago

By 2015, the 360 will be the Wii/ps2 of tomorrow but with HD graphics. It will be cheap, have great graphics for what it is, and have both motion and standard controllers. At about 2011/2012 we will see the new Xbox come out and cater to the hardcore for a few years before introducing some casual games. It in some way follows the same path as the PS2 but will have the hands free controller that the casuals will want. Not a bad idea actually.

DelbertGrady3421d ago

But...Only teh PS3 can be future proof.

Daoshai3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

cloud gaming?, who knows what Microsoft can come up with to extend the lifespan of the 360, only thing we can do as gamers is wait and see.

Yeah, broadband has a good chance of being overhauled to support some major speeds in the next few years. Obama has given 8.2 to overhaul states. Cant wait.

DeadlyFire3421d ago

I agree with Bad Boy Civic and Blaze.

I believe in both ways. Its to early to know for certain, but Sony and Nintendo have plans for new era to launch in 2011. Hardware is already falling into place for Sony. Cell 2, XDR2, USB 3, HDMI 1.4,and all the other small things all aimed at 2010. Even Larrabee which is rumored to be coming to PS4. Plenty of time for 2011 release window. Microsoft is traveling a risky road if the 720 isn't at E3 2010 conference. Natal is nice and great idea to keep X360 out there. Price point dropping and new hardware and games supporting Natal are sure to be awesome if they are done right. I myself prefer Sony and Wii design of holding a Wiimote or Playstationsaber. haha.

I will be shocked if Microsoft doesn't announce a new console by 2011 E3 though. Natal is nice and all and great for X360, but disc sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Why not add one of them to the platform as well? HVD and Blu-Ray both aiming for 100-400 GB discs by 2010. 1 TB in 2011-2014. Graphics will be hindered. Dare I say Wii 2 could match Xbox 360 graphics? There are three graphics chips makers out there. ATI, NVIDIA, Intel now. All three want one of their a High powered CPU/GPGPU/GPU in a console. Its likely Nintendo might get a great graphics chip deal out of it. Not saying that's a bad thing though. PS2 and Wii thrive even without powerhouse graphics. Could be great idea from Microsoft and add more years to the next generation of console life cycles as well.

Microsoft could be traveling the long road to say their next console will be all digital as plans for most areas of the world to expand broadband to support at least 50 Mbps for homes by 2016-2020. In Some countries up to 150 Mbps or more will be set as standard by then.

PtRoLLFacE3421d ago


DeadlyFire3421d ago

This is true. Streaming Worlds, OnLive, and other in-development and patented Cloud gaming platforms to come about soon. 2015 maybe is little early for them, but maybe decent timing. Unsure just yet.

cereal_killa3421d ago

Sitdown your right but M$ could have continued to develop games for the xbox and gave people some time to enjoy the xbox for a while, instead they abandoned the whole thing entirely and basically forced people who wants to play xbox games to buy a 360 if you wanted to play any new games.

dragunrising3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The PS4 will have cell ver 2.0 and not Larabee. Larabee is a CPU and GPU on a chip...overkill when you already have a very competent CPU.

As to Microsoft releasing their next console in 4-5 long years later...doubtful.

I predict that Microsoft will release dual 360/720 versions of each game within a couple of years. In other words, games will be forward compatible, kind of like minimum and recommended specs for PC games. I don't take credit for the idea, but believe it.

Forward compatible games should allow Microsoft to release the Xbox 720 without hemoraging its 360 business. Natal can and will keep the 360 relevant even as its successor is released. Just think- the Xbox 720 will probably use Natal AND a controller for its games. As to when the 720 will be released, its too soon to say. Personally, I wish it comes out later than sooner. In this way we can look forward to a larger storage medium, better RAM, larger hard drives, and much more advanced CPU/GPU tech.

@ cereal killer and badboycivic

The reason the original xbox was killed was because it was bleeding Microsoft dry. 3 billion dollars were lost...the cost of components in the Xbox couldn't be reduced. The success of the PS2 forced Microsoft do cut the retail price to stay competitive despite its already substantial losses. If Microsoft didn't kill the Xbox, we wouldn't have the 360. It regrettable that the death of the Xbox forced us to upgrade, however the reasons are very logical. This is not a justification but a paint by the numbers explanation.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3422d ago

What happened to Greenberg mocking the whole "10 year life span" thing?

ChampIDC3421d ago

He's just an outspoken idiot. A 10 year lifespan is a great thing to shoot for in a console if you can pull it off. Tech gets cheaper and cheaper, and if it keeps selling, you can make a huge profit. All you need to do is take a look at the PS2.

xwabbit3421d ago

just imagine how many RROD's will be generated by that time, they'll probably get a 360 Ripley s world record on most unreliable hardware.

Game13a13y3421d ago

can the Xbox 360 out there last that long without killing itself with RROD?

Black Maverick3421d ago

Exactly. Hypocrites to the end.

ChampIDC3421d ago

The Jaspers will probably last just fine. Falcons are up in the air, leaning toward no (mine is still kicking, so I haven't lost hope yet). Launch 360s, no way.

raztad3421d ago

This is sad, it isnt even funny MS's lack of originality. Why 10 years? could be 8 or 12? I wish them the best luck, but they need to put a better hardware, and push gaming boundaries. It's not only to sell more units than Sony, and talking about sales, lets see how things turn out after the upcoming PS3 price drop.

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mcgrawgamer3421d ago

that msft has bought the onlive guys????

think about it onlive cancels their showing at E3

msft announces games on demand???

No FanS Land3421d ago

ah nice thought! I wondered what happened of this gadget. Also I believe sony has patented something similar, through the FCC?

DeadlyFire3421d ago

PS Cloud, OnLive, Streaming Worlds all way to early. 2016-2020 would be perfect timing for such a thing to exist, but right now = no way. Maybe it will partly work with some input lag experienced, but as you get more bandwidth it would get better and better. Still almost 10 years away from perfection though.

I do like the idea of Xbox Live and Games 4 Windows Live on one service with keyboard + Mouse and controller optional. That would be awesome with Natal also an option for all the games.

kewlkat0073421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The competition is stiffer now, so companies can't become as stagnant like before. That R&D department is always working unless your short on funds.

SupaPlaya3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

the $$ invested and the cost of marketing is much greater this time around though. Also the tools and making the engine for the next gen system is considerable more expensive than before. Therefore, I believe this gen will actually stay around longer. It's not too good with the developers if you push a new console too soon.

Unless if MS just want to try to increase their market share again no matter the cost by introducing a new system early again.

Omega43421d ago

When you got something like Natal you can always find new innovative ways to advance gaming which will make the 360 have seriously long legs. Since graphics can only take you so far.

hatchimatchi3421d ago

It all depends if natal is successful, if it tanks it's gonna be bad news for the 360.