E3 2009: Left 4 Dead mods "playable with L4D 2" reveals Lombardi

Fear not, all those hours you spent forging your own gift to Left 4 Dead's PC community won't have been a waste - Valve confirm sequel will support them.

Current SDK tools will work with Left 4 Dead 2. Valve's Lombardi says they've jammed in as many ideas as they could, admitting you can get lost "chasing really killer ideas" though.

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ChampIDC3423d ago

That's good news. Probably won't be hard at all for them to translate the old maps into the new game, then.

menoyou3423d ago

Well of course the mods are playable in left 4 dead 2 since its the EXACT SAME GAME AS THE FIRST ONE. Biggest rehash ever.

FamilyGuy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

That's cause this was an expansion pack turned game so of course they work, it's THE SAME GAME.

LOL, didn't read the comments and the dude above me said the same thing.

TheRealSpy023423d ago

l4d 2 IS a mod. so of course the other mods will still work.

i love valve, always love the quality of their games. but come on, this is just silly. it's plain as day it's the same everything with new weapon skins and new zombie skins and new player skins and new maps.

neat....nothing new...nothing to truly warrant a "sequel" but hey, if gears of war can do it, and call of duty can do it, and most sports franchises can do it, why can't valve?

evrfighter3423d ago

Left 4 Dead: Condition Zero

L4D was the first game I pre-ordered in about 10 years. Won't fool me twice. I'll pick it up when its 50% off on steam.

badz1493423d ago

that L4D 2 is exactly a same game as L4D! they are trying to cover up and makes it look good for those who bought the 1st but unfortunately this reveals that both games is running on the same engine with the same setting! just like MODS which should be free or else added DLC! nice try to rip-off your loyal customers!

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Gun_Senshi3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

They are listening to their fans.

In my opinion. Bring on L4D2 with L4D(1) characters AND at a budget price like an expansion

PS. I wonder if anyone will disagree or some saying I never played L4D and/or I'm a fanboy. I'm gonna wait for someone to answer and then post screen shot of L4D installed on my PC like I did with Mass Effect and Gears of War ^_^

Silellak3423d ago

Valve is not getting a penny from me for this incredibly shameless sequel. There's no reason for a L4D2 already. An expansion, sure, but a full-priced sequel? No thank you.

Cunnin-English3423d ago

Are u sure left 4 dead 2 isnt a L4D mod itself?

spandexxking3423d ago

its actually a mod of a mod (half-life>L4D>L4D2)

mrv3213423d ago

Hmm so L4D2 is basically L4D then, I haven't seen much of it but I alo haven't seen change.

L4D2 should be worked on co-op is fun but you can allways add stuff. Like a somewhat more varied gameplay, more maps and new weapons, the graphics are fine although Average.

Personally if they released L4D2 in 2010 instead of 2009 less people would be angry but they would have to improve the engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.