Hottest Booth Babes of E3 seems to have ignored all the great games of E3 for all the great babes, shamelessly snapping away with their expensive cameras cameras.

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Maticus3422d ago

She needs a bigger cup size.

Leord3422d ago

Oh no, she doesn't...

Dorjan3422d ago

I agree with that Leord

Cogo3422d ago

She really doesn't....

Leord3422d ago

@ Malfurion - Noh, don't say that, there would be boobies everywhere!

Dorjan3422d ago

Someone always has to go too far!

cyberwaffles3422d ago

boobs can never be too big.

psycho3603422d ago


SHe already had a boobjob. See the lines under them? Thats where they make the incision and insert silicon.

Cartesian3D3422d ago

LMAO .. to see your crazy comments.. thank guys for the laugh.

BTW make sure that your girl friends arent N4G member.. girls are so jealous. and I agree with 1.0

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Wuushu3422d ago

Hmm.. what is that sound? Sounds like a flock of birds in the distance..

Ah, it's the collective sound of nerds uniting in FAP'ing across the globe.

Dorjan3422d ago

Oh noes!! YOU HEARD!!!!


Cogo3422d ago

Aargh the images! You bastard.

Dorjan3422d ago

She really fits that bra! ;)

Leord3422d ago

It's really a case of two melons in a one melon basket.

Recka3422d ago

I think ima need to go to E3

2FootYard3422d ago

I wonder if its hard out there for a booth babe?

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The story is too old to be commented.