NVIDIA's Tegra takes on Intel in the MID/PMP market

When the Tegra line was launched a year ago at COMPUTEX, NVIDIA pitched it as being aimed at the mobile internet device (MID) market, and the idea seemed to be that NVIDIA could grow it up into netbooks and down into smartphones. Then at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, the graphics giant renewed its push into MIDs with the announcement of a Tegra-based $99 hardware platform, which, at the time of the announcement, had scored some design wins with Asian ODMs.

At this year's COMPUTEX, NVIDIA is banging the MID drum yet again, and is showing off the fruits of those earlier design wins in the form of over 20 Tegra-based mobile devices that range in form factor from smaller MIDs to netbooks. I'll tackle the issue of Tegra in netbooks in a separate post, but as far as the Tegra-based MID goes, this is probably NVIDIA's fight to lose.

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