E3 09 Preview: 'DC Universe Online' PS3 controls better than PC (MMORPG^2)

At E3, SOE's upcoming MMORPG "DC Universe Online" is playable on PS3 for the first time. MMO Life's chief editor has played both, and his opinion is that the PS3 version is going to end up being more fun, and easier to play.

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sinncross3426d ago

Oh wow! Score for PS3 fans!

Though the article doesn't same, but I am pretty sure they'll allow for Keyboard and Mouse input for those PS3 owners who don't enjoy the controller set up.

ahnonamis3426d ago

I asked the guy at the SOE booth showing it if the PS3 version would support keyboard and mouse and he said that at this time it's something they're considering but it's not guaranteed.