Halo: Reach coming in fall 2010

Gamespot writes: "LOS ANGELES--For Halo fans, the high point of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference on Tuesday was the announcement of Halo Reach, an all-new game from Bungie Studios. Staffers from the now-independent developer said that the game had been a top-secret project for some time, and that it would arrive sometime in 2010."

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The Meerkat3422d ago

The hype machine for this is going to be massive.

Anon19743422d ago

The haters can bash all they want but Halo has consistently delivered since it was released, and I have no reason to suspect that Reach will be any different. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for it!

Syronicus3422d ago

But you won't see me hate on it either. I just happen to be into PC FPS's at the time this series began and so it never caught on with me.

I do have to say though, announcing a fall of 2010 game in the 2009 E3 seems a bit soon. I thought Microsoft was going with the idea of announcing titles that will be released sooner than later. Did they ditch that idea?

Of course, this is Halo so I suspect they want to get the hype train rolling ASAP. Makes me wonder when we will see the Mountain Dew Halo cans again.

The Meerkat3422d ago

Its going to be so big that Sony will delay their 'big hitters' until march 2011.

Syronicus3422d ago

I doubt that. When companies release all the top titles at one the biggest group to suffer are those involved in the market. If big companies release these games spread out a bit then the gaming business itself benefits and investors win big. Sure you will see some healthy competition but I am sure that Sony will save their biggest guns for a time when they are not competing with something like Halo.

green3422d ago

I actually felt that the announcement was too soon but changed my mind when it was revealed that the purchase of Halo ODST in September will grant you access to Halo Reach beta.So since thats the case then Halo Reach had to be announced.

Tito Jackson3422d ago

isnt this one of the Halo Books? I dont know about you guys, but most every book is better than its movie counterpart. wonder if the same goes for video games :)

Ausbo3422d ago

I hope they use a new engine because this halo 3 engine is just not good looking

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3422d ago

Halo Reach 2010
Halo Peter Jackson 2011
Halo 4 to launch with Xbox 720 in 2012, made by Gearbox

KionicWarlord2223422d ago

Halo 4 is only being made by ms studios at the moment. I do wonder what ms is doing with halo 4....very interesting though.

3sexty rulzzz3422d ago

is going to be a beast. people want graphics, bungie and microsoft will blow your azzes away. this is the only gripe sony fans have with Halo3; and once the graphics become truly next gen, xbox is going to sh!t all over sony once more. this the very reason sony fans dont like halo because it produces mad revenue for Microsoft and bungie. Bungie will aways be exclusive to mircosoft, because they don't have to use other resources to make other games for other systems. they make enough money with their exclusive games. can't say the same for sony exclusives!

Sayai jin3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Owch???? What do you mean?

ChrisGTR13422d ago

meaning itll come out along with god of war 3 and grand turismo 5... in fall 2010

ExPresident3422d ago

There's nothing "secret" about a Halo sequel...

saimcheeda3422d ago

Stop making halo to increase your exclusives!or u'll make the series lose its charm!!

Man_of_the_year3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Like the MGS series? Or the GT series? or the GOW series?

BX813422d ago

Just because they make a halo 20 doesn't mean they have 20 exclusive franchises. Halo is one exclusive.

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