Natal to be backwards compatible

This could be very big for game publishers and game players. Shane Kim, Microsoft's corporate VP of strategy and business development in the games group (he must need oversize business cards!) has said that existing games can be patched for Natal: "You can take an existing game, and make it work". And he held up Burnout Paradise as a game that Microsoft had done this to: "It's a great example of just how simple it is to adapt a game".

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SRU96003428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Wow, Natal is looking better every day!

SuperM3428d ago

Aww gawd, its bruceongames... noooo!!! This guy really has a crush on Microsoft.


Please patch fable 2 that would be awsome. Shooting fire from my hands and aim with the crossbow and all that! :D

TheExecutive3428d ago

thats cool and all but why would developers go back and do that? Any new thing can be "patched" into a game if the developer wants to take the time to rework the code but MAYBE one or two companies will go back and patch it for NATAL.

Milky Joe3428d ago

How on earth are you meant to play Burnout by waving your hands around??? I'm sure they've figured it out but I can't see it personally.

RebornSpy3428d ago

Just hold your hands like they're holding a wheel, and you can steer. Not sure how u break and stuff tho.

sticky doja3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

It gives their take on both the ball/brick tech demo and driving with Burnout Paradise. The video is at the bottom of the page showing driving in dark and light with ease.

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3428d ago

"It's a great example of just how simple it is to adapt a game".

Uh, no. You require actual *buttons* for backwards compatibility. If it can be updated to work differently, that's another story. There's a big difference right there. With the Sony controller you won't need to update the games because they'll work, regardless of anything.

Microsoft doesn't even know where to go anymore. They are obviously aiming for the Wii audience with this one, because the way they're implementing it is making it "simple" like the Wii.

Hell, even simpler as you don't even need a controller, but that's where it fails. It may be more advanced if you consider the eyetoy alone, but not only will you have to dump your old 360 webcam, the fact that it isn't designed to get other kinds of input like that of buttons, sticks or triggers, will make it difficult to make the classic games work with it, so it's likely that developers will keep using the classic 360 controller.

Luckily for Microsoft they can correct this for next-gen which shouldn't be long after this device releases. So this is probably just experimental for 360 in order to be polished for 720. 720 and PS4 will likely have optimized versions of what we'll see on current-gen consoles, and by that I mean that Microsoft will copy Sony and viceversa on the best features of each's controller and then add something else to differentiate themselves. I hope they include pulse sensors, microphone and more for next-gen, aside of horsepower that is.

Foxgod3428d ago

Wow, you must be a genius that you know better then MS themselves how their product works.

Is their anything you can do/say besides pointless ungrounded bashing based on things that rudder out of your rear side.

And if you followed Spielbergs comments, you would have known its not the wii audience they are aiming for, they are aiming for the 60 % of the households that doesnt have a videogame console at all yet.
AKA people who dont even own a Wii, because they can stand the hassle of using a controller.

IF MS says that its backwards compatible, then it is, obviously new games will have more/better features then old games, but it will still work, as a new control scheme is an overlay for the older one.

Dumb ass fanboy.

jaseo3428d ago

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Bruceongames3428d ago

Natal already has a microphone so we don't have to wait for next gen.
It has speech recognition.
It also has voice recognition so it knows who is talking, this obviously is a cool adjunct to the face recognition in Natal.

So you don't need buttons anymore, you can use voice or motion. You can just nod or shake your head, for instance.
The whole idea of gesture interfaces is to get rid of buttons.
Just look at how games run on an iPhone compared with how they run on PSP, for example.

And I would suggest to you that Microsoft know exactly where they are going. The 360 is only their second generation console and already they have relegated Sony to third place. In addition Live is by far the biggest and best online gaming service ever created.

I am sure Sony will have their day again. Free Realms is already a massive hit on PC and will be a total monster on PS3, for instance.

And Nintendo cannot be too far from releasing an HDTV SuperWii with a hard drive and significant content download.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3428d ago

"Dumb ass fanboy. "

Said the idiot that wants an i7 for next-gen even though it's too weak for next-gen and even compared to "some" current-gen processors. I'm never forgetting that, lol.

Oh, and before you say something about "transcoding" or "single floating point" showing your ignorance, it's pretty much all vector math operations and floating point operations, i.e. graphics, animation and physics related tasks, to name a few; not just "transcoding", you'd know that if you knew... anything?

Oh, and someone correctly said, Natal can be made to retrofit some games, but it's not backwards compatible. You fail.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3428d ago

But see bruce, there's a reason why no serious gamer uses their iPhone as their main gaming device. I have an iPhone and I have plenty of games for it, but I don't spend as much on iPhone as I do on my consoles or other portables. The iPhone can't get many genres common on other handhelds, and hell, it even tries to emulate other handhelds, but again, it can do some things as it can receive binary inputs. Not so for "Natal", you'd have to change plenty of things and sacrifice others.

Sony got it right, they have the best of the worlds in one package. Microsoft is doing what Nintendo did, which may or may not be good for their bottomline, but it isn't for serious gamers. That is, unless they're fanboys, like FoxGod, or on Microsoft payroll, like you.

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really duh 23428d ago

When Natal launches the Ps3 is officially dead poor droids.

-MD-3428d ago

It might give the Wii a run for it's money too

Ichiryoka3428d ago

Care to explain? I mean I am really interested in how its going to KILL OFF the PS3. I see you have valid points in some of your comments, but in your last comment the point seemed to hide itself quite vigorously.

mesh13428d ago

hahaha and here the droids thought the 360 has no games 1st GUYS wanana know my most favarable e3 moment? when ALan wake brings out the flares in the slow mo effect and walks pass the enemeys like a total bad ass as they cover their faceses EPIC LOOKING SCENE AND GAME.
the droids know its over i adive u get a 360 soon and burn down n4g,as
spliter cell,alan wake,forza 3 look better than any game on the ps3 visually expecially alan wake /forza 3 alan wake not to mention alan wake is open world .

whoelse3428d ago

To be honest though, if I was playing Burnout I would rather use a controller. Yeah it would be cool to try out but it would be a lot easier with a controller and more natural.

SRU96003428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

You would need to actually try it before reaching that conclusion.

People that HAVE actually tried Natal are saying that it is very, very cool (and we all know that it can/will only get better).

Try to keep an open mind. You might love it.

jaseo3428d ago

natal would be perfect for AIR GUITAR HERO!!

i love kicking virtual speakers down. not sure how a virtual stage dive would go though!

LeShin3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I mean no matter how much limited fun you can have by moving your body to control a car, nothing beats the tactile feedback of taking out another opponent, the feel of the Burnout engaging or feeling Burnouts epic crashes through vibrations through the control pad.

It seems like a cool tech, but I don't think I'd be interested playing my favourite games with it. I mean, I spent nearly 200 quid on a racing wheel over a standard controller because I wanted my driving games to be even more realistic.

Stammpied3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I think people need to think of the possibilities of Natal AND a controller. Playing a racing game you could use a FF Racing Wheel to control the car but rotating your head left will pan the camera left and rotating right would pan right. You could finally check to see if someone is next to you before you turn into them. A simple use of Natal but the emersion it would give the racing game would be huge, looking around the "In-car" view by moving your head.
If Natal is precise enough I think you could also use head tracking to replace the right analog stick on the controller for FPS. You would use your head movements like a mouse to move the aiming cursor around the screen. The gamer would still be sitting on the couch, using the control to move and fire but the aiming is handled by moving you head.

madmonkey03428d ago

but if it is 1.1 movement recognition like it says it is, you owuld be looking the wrong way so you wouldnt see what was beside you in game anyway

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