E3 Microsoft press conference was unrivaled writes: "Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are known as the big three. Every year at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), each of the industry leaders takes the stage and reveals secret projects, upcoming release dates, and divulge more gameplay footage of the year's most anticipated titles. Usually heads explode and grown men cry, but which gaming giant left the biggest impact on the masses this year? Let's start with Microsoft, who opened this year's expo."

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Kamikaze1353426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Nobody did as bad as they did.

Edit: I was kidding, but in all seriousness, these amateur journalist shouldn't be allowed to even be near a keyboard. Their failure to understand that E3 isn't a competition, but a showcase, is pathetic. Nobody did "better" or "worse" than Microsoft. They all did well and their greatness in presentation can only be measured by fans - not be measured for everybody by some crappy journalist.

I'm just sick of these articles thinking that they can speak for the entire gaming community as a whole. N4G really needs to quit being lazy and hire some mods that actually, you know, do their jobs.

Not that it pisses me off or anything, but I'd really love to come to this site and just see plain news. Not biased articles that spark flame wars and piss off every 12 year old kid on this site because Timmy or John favor the 360 over the PS3 and vice versa. Articles like this only flood the site, as opposed to making it a high quality gaming related site. But, I guess with every gaming site comes packaged with extreme arrogance, right? *sigh*

snipermk03426d ago

Its the same guy thats been going "ZOMG!!!" over anything M$. Far too many biased articles from examiner to point out.

original seed3426d ago

This guy is trash sure. But when he has all these Pro-Sony articles everything is ok. Now its not?
At least he is being honest with this article. Maybe too little too late.

I did not murder him3426d ago

I don't think I seen looks on MSFT PR during the conference that looked like they just ate a turd. Sony knew they got bested Jack T looked like he was defeated and embarrassed you got a hopeless vibe from him.

I just got through watching Pulse with the Jack T and Kistina Lee interview and it looked like he just ate a sh*t sandwich always saying he felt nervous and plenty of pressure. Even the PS3 fanboys were lying about how they felt with their defensive praise and forced excitement.

I felt sorry when the PS3 motion sensing guys were on stage they looked like they were thinking WTF were they doing up on stage because what was shown a day before.

I mean it looked like they just begged for the Lost planet 2 deal and was awarded a deal just days before the event if not sooner.

MSFT is the talk of the show man.

Jamie Foxx3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

this fanbot media biasness is a joke,microsoft could have had nintendos conference and these same stories would come out, im into gaming for games and e3 proved 360 is lacklustre i have to be truthful, thats why there was a 1 hour motion gimicks presentation

all multiplats few exclusives very stale

Kamikaze1353426d ago

Lol, well, you have to take into consideration that what Sony and Microsoft presented, as innovative as they were, were two totally different technologies. Microsoft had a camera that captures motion (ala PSEye) and vocal recognition. Sony had a precision 1:1 motion controller. Both were highly impressive, but can't be compared with one another. That's like comparing apples with meat...two totally different things, lol.

really duh3426d ago

You're going to cencor the news because you don't like it? people have been posting his articles for the last two days lol.

Narutone663426d ago

for the examiner is a 360 fans. Of course he will say that MS conference was unrivaled. Plain and simple biased like commenter 1.3 and 1.6.

Christopher3426d ago

Not sure I'd label most of the stuff that gets posted here, including half of the examiner articles, as news.

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other443426d ago

really? where were their games???
all they have are third party multiplatform games and halo shovelware...

Kamikaze1353426d ago

As far as exclusives go, they announced two Halo games, Crackdown 2, and some Arcade game by Epic, which resembles old school Metroid games in a vague sense. Their console exclusive games were Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and I can't remember what else. By console exclusive, I mean it won't be coming to the Wii or PS3, but it'll go to the PC.

Not a bad line-up, but I feel that they should have announced more.

BigBen3426d ago

This isn't news, just useless opinions.

lloyd_wonder3426d ago

Yeah right. And everyone has an opinion. What's new?

Myst3426d ago

Well from my own unbiased view point I would say each at least have done a good job at E3. Nintendo did not do what they did like last year and at least their is another Mario as well as Metroid. Microsoft got Alan wake out on the field, not to mention some of it's changes to the 360 itself such as adding facebook and twitter (Still need to figure out what that is!). As for Sony they pretty much took the saying that I saw some people use which is "Playstation 3 doesn't have as many games" and reversed it back by showcasing the games that were coming out, not to mention giving the PSP some leverage of games just as well.

Right there in a nutshell that shows that each brought something to the showcase, for gamers it's great; for those who own all three systems and enjoy the games that have been mentioned it's even better. Yet it will make their wallets cry, now please let's keep these articles to a minimum of who won, obviously each won in their own right.

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