Gamespot: Epic, Bungie playing with Project Natal

LOS ANGELES--On Monday, Microsoft fired a massive first shot across the bow of its competitors during its E3 Press Conference . Besides announcing several new Xbox 360 console exclusives, such as Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2 (also on PC), the company took the wraps off its long-rumored motion-sensing controller.

Project Natal capped a jam-packed Microsoft event.

Code-named Project Natal, the device differs from the Nintendo Wii and the experimental technology Sony unveiled at its Tuesday press event. Instead of relying on a motion sensing controller held by a player, it tracks the movements of the player's body. According to film director and Boom Blox executive co-designer Steven Spielberg, its simplicity will remove the last barrier for mass acceptance of games.

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JokesOnYou3424d ago

"The work had come along and we felt that we had a solid plan with a solid launch portfolio and a portfolio for the next few years, so we thought we should start talking about this publicly. We're shipping dev kits out, which clearly when you start shipping dev kits out, the chances of leaks and everything go up. But frankly, I thought we were ready to stand on stage and show of our work, and I thought it held up pretty well." -Phil Spencer

OK so how long before we see this in action with a great game? Interesting stuff.


green3424d ago

I believe we might see one of the 1st implementations of Natal with Halo Reach.

OmegaKulu3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

FPS is one of the hardest to incorporate motion capture(the range of movements needed) so my guess is games with more defined movements such as sports(like boxing etc), racing game will come first. FPS games wont come till the programing is in a much more mature stage.

Mike134nl3424d ago

For some reason I think Spielberg will come up with something interesting.

kevoncox3424d ago

The one thing everyone forgets about natal is ....
Facial detection. Amazing!

Why is FPS movement so much harder than sprts game. As a boxer, you have the movement of your feet, head, torso etc. I would think that would be harder to tract than someone holding a gun it's basically just your arms. Your head will be used to turn the camera.

OmegaKulu3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Let me tell you why, in boxing, you do move, but within a very small radius(in which can be cover by the cam). In FPS, u move, run forward, sideways but how far? how fast? jump, hop over objects while moving, do 180 quick turns(while facing your TV). multiple actions at once(jumping + turning + moving forward). To implement motions to do those tasks and make sense to the user at the same time is not as easy as you think.

Turn you're face to turn camera? while your eye on the TV? the problem here is your TV doesn't move with your face/eyes, and that will make it feel unnatural.

The whole point of natal is ease of use, if you're forcing the user into an unconformable/unnatural position, than the whole project is moot.

For this is a new tech, things don't happen over night, think big, but you can only get there by small steps.

green3424d ago

What makes you think that games can not be made using both natal and a controller?.

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psycho3603424d ago

Good Job MS providing 360 owners more enjoyment and also catering to casual market with better alternative to join the ever growing 360 family.

Can't wait to see how it gets utilized by Steven Speilberg and the gaming industry.

This E3 09 definately was taken by MS who for past few months kept all this under wraps despite the competition throwing out all their cards on the table to intice fear in the competition. Now the ball has been not only thrown in sony's court but rather hit them on their face and stunning them for atleast next 6 months.

psycho3603424d ago

LMAO @ SRU9600

The picture epically describes what i just said above.. +bubbles.

digitaledge3424d ago

I have to say that all the competition did not throw their cards on the table. Yes, Sony leaked a few things out, but kept most of their show under wraps, and Nintendo didn't reveal anything at all until E3.

SRU96003424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Glad it made you laugh, psycho360. :)

I actually feel kinda bad for Sony.
It's like everytime they start to get a little steam going, Microsoft swings by and drops some serious bombs on them. lol

It's very clear by now that Microsoft is taking the video game business very seriously, and they continue to trump Sony time and time again.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3424d ago

Project Natal is definitely the talk of this years E3. Everybody can't stop talking about it. The future looks so bright for the 360. :)

Daoshai3424d ago

Natal has a possibility of being amazing, hopefully microsoft puts their best foot forward on this.

really duh3424d ago

Devs kits and tools already sent to developers.

Get ready

get set


Farsendor13424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

good news hope we see some more of this soon. would love to see a new demo in the next couple of months

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