Trine No Longer PSN Exclusive - Coming to XBLA

Trine, the cooperative platformer from Frozenbyte, has until now been thought to be a PSN/PC exclusive, but now it's coming to Xbox Live Arcade as Atlus has seen fit to secure the publishing rights.

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qface643421d ago

i have never even heard of this game before

Hydrolex3421d ago

lol Oh no please ! What do they think they are ? Rockstar ? Kojima ? Ewww no one gives a sh!t to their game anyways

FamilyGuy3421d ago

In all this E3 fiasco there one big thing missing
Where are the reviews for Prototype?
It's up on torrents/hacked 360s now so reviews site MUST have their copies already.

Prototype review, Someone submit one.

Winter47th3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The game looks very promising, losing the exclusivity's a no biggie, whatever helps the developer make more beauties like Trine's fine by me, as long as no console hampers the quality of the content on the other, that is.

Syronicus3421d ago

They had a video of it a while back and the lighting and platforming this game offers looks amazing. You should look it up, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dark General3421d ago

I just looked up this game and it looks very interesting. It wasn't on my downloadable gaming "lookout" list but now it is. The presentation and coop looks cool as well as the level design/visual aesthetics.

Marceles3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Lol @ N4G...

The Trine stories barely ever reached over 10 degrees, so of course this one is already going over 200. Let's how many people pretend to care.

ChampIDC3421d ago

I hadn't heard of it either, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the look of this game. I'll keep an eye on it as well.

Viper73421d ago

sadly this game hasn't got as much attention as I have hoped. IT looks pretty promising too, both graphically and game play vice.

Hopefully, now that its multi-platform it will get more attention(as it seems it already has!!), the ideas around it seems somewhat fresh and same goes with the style.

truewittness3421d ago

everyone is missing the point. why didn't braid, geometry wars, castle crashers and more games go to the psn? these companies sold what they wanted and above and they made their money back and a profit. it's about money. developing, publishing and advertising versus games sold. they know more people will buy it on the 360. that's all.

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adrock20993421d ago

Glad to see everyone (well save Wii owners...) gets to enjoy this one, as it looks pretty good. Now how's about Epic let's the incredible looking Shadow Complex come to PSN as well? Please? No? Awww....

mastiffchild3421d ago

I thought SC looked pants myself. I even felt Cliffy was a bit embarrassed by it in the showcase too and, for a change seem really pleased when it was time to leave- And what happened to Nano Srike anyways?

Trine was confirmed as a multi a good while back too so this isn't really news, is it?

hatchimatchi3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

i know shadow complex isn't complete yet but it looked like it glitched hard at the very end of the demo, i need to go back and watch it. To me it looked like the guy was frozen in mid air, and then suddenly the guy playing paused the game


Yea here it is, this is exactly what im talking about.

Kamikaze1353421d ago

When was this ever even announced? Lol

TheIneffableBob3421d ago

A couple months ago. It looks pretty cool. The music is good and the physics-based gameplay looks pretty fun and unique.

timestoby3421d ago

thats to bad its going to xbox,can it handle it in the first place lol. anyway,tha game looks awesome cant wait to play it

hatchimatchi3421d ago

The game looks awesome. I've been following it for a while now.

good for them that it's going multi platform. Im pretty sure that the game is from a new company and they could probably use all the money they can get

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