Can Nintendo Get the Hardcore Back?

"Nintendo has seen great success with both the Wii and DS over the last few years by reaching out and bringing in people that normally wouldn't play video games. In doing this though they have left the hardcore gamer behind."

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allegionary3423d ago

No. They've blown it with complacency.

qface643423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

yes the hardcore that sticked around stayed for the nintendo games

all they gotta do is put LOTS more effort and shine and they will come back some of them

if microsoft or sony went all casual for a while then went back to the core everyone would go crawling back as well

but in the end do they even need em?

ChickeyCantor3423d ago

They do need them, its vital for third party developers.
Not all developers are planning on making petz.

Sircolby453423d ago

I can't speak for everyone, but they wont get me back. Mine is collecting dust and will probably stay that way. The Xbox 360 and PS3 is blowing them out of the water in terms of games. Plus not really a fan of the Wiimote for anything but sports games.

-chaz-3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Agreed. I think this generation they have stepped too far away from mainstream and hardcore gamers. lack of horsepower and substandard online performance are the final two nails on the coffin here for a lot of gamers.

Let's face it; anyone who considers themselves hardcore ANYTHING likes to get the best gear. You snowboard a lot, you probably have a nice board. People who bike a lot generally get nice bikes. Gamers who game a lot get decked out PCs and PS3/360's.

I still keep my Wii for games like the Mario series and (hopefully) Pikmin 3, but unfortunately past that I only really drag it out at parties.

ChickeyCantor3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

" nyone who considers themselves hardcore "
O you mean people who want to feel special about their gaming habit and feel threatened when dear grandma is interested in a puzzle game?
AAAAh yes the hardcore of these days are great.

Edit below:
You are only making a "bit" sense.
We don't play games because we want the best gear, we play games because we like them for the core element of it : GAMEPLAY.
Yes believe it or not, There are also fun games on the Wii.

Gamers wanting the "best", is a subjective matter as "best" comes from a personal point of view.
Seriously, i still play old GBC games, and it got nothing to do with wanting the best "gear" out there. ( obviously a Gameboy color is not the best gear ;) )

-chaz-3423d ago


"O you mean people who want to feel special about their gaming habit and feel threatened when dear grandma is interested in a puzzle game?"

No, I mean people that like doing something often want to get a nice rig to do it with. Haven't you ever had a friend who plays guitar? I'll bet if you do that he or she is probably saving up for a really nice one.

irish-leprecaun3423d ago

the effort part is the problem mate!!

SpoonyRedMage3423d ago

I get what Chaz means but I don't really agree with it. I think of it this way. It's the same with movies, it's not only about content. It's about the technology behind it and people want the best available.

However I'm a firm believer that technology is not the priority when it comes to movies or games. I also think the Wii has advanced greatly with the technology and it is forwarding the industry. It offers a new way to experience a game, in the same way that 3D would.

Gamertags3423d ago

Nintendo hasn't been hardcore since the days of SNES. Even then, games were known to be edited for content!

menoyou3423d ago

They don't even want the hardcore. They only added one or two hardcore games for this entire year. That's just ridiculous. They don't care about us. I'm abandoning Nintendo. Screw them.

Smacktard3423d ago

Most of the self-proclaimed hardcore -- the loud ones that whine on the internet about Nintendo sucking -- started gaming this gen. So Nintendo never lost them to begin with.

SpoonyRedMage3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

What the hell are you on about. Nintendo showed more first party hardcore stuff than casual stuff.

As I said below they also have 3 hardcore games lined up as well. Dynamic Zan, Tact of Magic and Line Attack Heroes.

What the hell do you expect?

Miyamoto also confirmed that Pikmin 3 and a new Zelda are in development.

EDIT: They also shown a trailer of Sin and Punishment 2.

N4g_null3423d ago

Spoony and sidar these are PC gamers I'm sure of it now. I mean they even put down the snes. They obviously don't like mario bros which is pretty damn hardcore, or platforming games which require skill.

Seriously nintendo can not get these gamers back because they are not console gamers any more.... Only a PC gamer would call the Wii a toy when it has all of your hardcore memories on it from the past. It's obvious that the console owners are not coming to this web site dude to the mods not keeping the peace.

LOL New super mario bros is going to sell like crazy! and so is galaxy!

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Jamie Foxx3423d ago

madworld,gta...there consumer fanbase are not into those type of games..nintendos got noone to blame but themselves

ChickeyCantor3423d ago

uhm, dunno but the base not liking those games is something different from Nintendo winning back their fanbase eventually.

But seriously, i have said it before, there are more complains than GCN sold back last gen.
So im not sure who is trying to win who back.

Also i don't think people should depend on Nintendo so much if its about the Wii.
Third party developers should kick in too.

N4g_null3423d ago

neither are the HD hardcore. All you guys seems to want is movie games with quick time events.

Myst3423d ago

This is all I need now and I'll be set!

qface643423d ago

yeah now were talking glad to see someone else is looking forward to this baby

Nitrowolf23423d ago

He11 yah
i got my Wii, MHFU out this month

fear883423d ago

To be better on the PS3 with its controllers (PSEye Motion and DS3). Because we all know how hardcore games fare on the Wii.

qface643423d ago

i seriously suggest you do your research on that game its gonna be huge in japan and that's about the only place its gonna be huge in

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DA_SHREDDER3423d ago

I think Wii Motion plus is gonna be sic with future games like Metroid and Zelda supporting native motion plus support. Future games as well of course.

Btw, the new mario games looked freakin sic.

Xander-RKoS3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I think it depends on how stubborn the "hardcore" are about the Wii. If, for example, someone is a Dead Space fan, they might want the Wii for Extraction. Red Steel 2 is going to be the premiere sword swinging adventure game to use a 1:1 motion controller.

Then of course we got a slew of other Japanese RPG's, adventure, and other games, three HVS titles on the way, plus some of Nintendo's own like Metroid: The Other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

N4g_null3423d ago

The funny thing is the hardcore do not believe that there are games that are unsatisfied with the crap they call games. They sure as hell are not going to waste time talking to people at this site about it either.

The ones that will switch over will do it this year either because they are waiting of their games to come out on the HD systems or because those games came out and they are bored again.