First Impressions of God of War 3 from the Show Floor

From Hold on, I'm still cleaning Helios' blood from under my fingernails.

The hour and a half queue to play Sony Santa Monica's God of War 3 is perhaps the longest wait of any exhibit at this year's E3, and it's certainly the most-watched booth in the West Hall. With Take Two's Bioshock 2 under wraps today and the Uncharted 2 beta releasing last night (perhaps defusing some of the inaccessible mystique of the game), the first (and last?) God of War title on the PS3 is in genuine contention for Game of Show. And it's easy to see why. Blood bloody blood.

Continue for philosophical musings about Kratos' tragic flaw.

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Cryptech3421d ago

I thought this article was clever, intelligent, and thought provoking. Very nice change up from alot of the articles I've read today. Thanks for posting this one.

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Really good article. Deserves a lot more attention than 10 degrees.