VidZone: '10.000 videos at launch, every week 100 new videos'

PS3Hype writes: 'Today the producer from VidZone has confirmed at the E3 that VidZone will have 10.000 music video's at launch. Also it will have a weekly update with every week more than 100 new music video's. VidZone will be released on 11 June in UK, Ireland, Australia, Italy, France, Spain and Germany'.

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Godmars2903426d ago

So, not just for once, the US gets locked out of the good stuff.

FamilyGuy3426d ago

June 11th this year or next year?
That's so soon if it's this year o.O

samich20073426d ago

@Godmars290: I'm living in Europe (Holland0 and I wont get this suff either. :( I really wanted this service, and now it's coming for the UK, Spain France and Italy only! Damn!!!

Godmars2903426d ago

That's what you get for having all those neighboring states - maybe you should invade them.

Yeah, Holland takes over Europe. I can see it now.

And just think; the US is too broke to jump in this time - we can't do a damn thing.

FamilyGuy3426d ago

I wonder when the US will get this, if ever. There might be some law getting in the way of it's release here.

Arsenal4Ever3426d ago

I don't really see the benefit of having this tbh. For starters, you can only Stream them on your PS3. Secondly if you want to transfer it onto your phone you have to pay (understandable) - so can you put them directly onto the PS3's HDD? If not then what is the benefit?

FamilyGuy3426d ago

You can host parties and have Music videos playing in the background instead of just music. I do this like every other week at my house and im always looking for more high quality music videos to download.