Gamestation: PS3 for £249 (With Trade In)

A local Gamestation store in the UK are offering PS3's from as low as £249. In order to receive this low price, you must trade in an Xbox 360, if you trade in a Wii you can get a PS3 for £299.

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CyberSentinel4271d ago

Put up, or shut up Lemmings. I dare you to sell your 360.
Retailers have to move them PayStations somehow. Its all about supply and demand. I love it.

techie4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Lol exchange a Wii for a PS. Who posted this cr*p!? :P

SmokeyMcBear4271d ago

I wonder if you can take in your red ring of death 360, im sure there are bunch of people that have just expired the warranty and have had theirs crap out.. sounds like a good deal to me

sak5004271d ago

good deal except when we have to pay £249.. I think they should pay us 249 for our 360 along with giving us a PS3.

neogeo4271d ago

already in line with his 360 waiting to trade it in.

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The story is too old to be commented.