TVGB: Hands-on at E3 / New Super Mario Bros. Wii

TVGB: No matter how awesome Mario is in 3D, and he is awesome in 3D, his roots will always remain in classic 2D platforming. New Super Mario Bros. proved this perfectly, and also showed that 2D platforming can be fun and profitable! It was a massive success so Nintendo brings us more, and we are far from complaining. However, this "more" brings four player co-op (or versus) multiplayer to Mario for the first time.

Obviously we were intrigued. Would classic Mario platforming stand a chance when up to four people were tearing through the level? And has toad learned any new tricks since his last playable foray in Super Mario Bros. 2? The former won't really be known until the game launches this holiday season, but it's very clear that Toad isn't the only one who has learned a thing or two.

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