Molyneux becomes European creative director at MGS

Peter Molyneux has been promoted to creative director of European studios at Microsoft Games Studios, Develop can reveal.

Previously creative director of Guildford-based Lionhead Studios, Molyneux will now also oversee the creative direction of fellow UK Microsoft studio Rare, as well as other European external projects.

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SaberEdge3425d ago

Such a creative and talented man. I think he will do well in his new position. Milo was so cool, btw.

Freak of Nature3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I heard about it at the press conference on Monday...

Now what I need from you Mr.Molyneux Is a true pedal to the metal,pull all stops,major backing of a "Banjo 3 platformer",Conker in an all new gen act/adv/platformer,a new cart racer,a new jet force gemeni HD,a Kameo 2,PD2 and KI3 for those fans,(not for me ,I'll spend my time on Banjo and Conker)and a new IP with Rare working on Natal games......thats all,thanks.....

Oh and a new Fable 3,B and W and a new Lionhead IP too while you are at it.....Now get to it my man...

It's been about three Months now since his take over,and they should show some things soon I am quessing...Probably a new Lionhead IP,a casual natal game by rare and or Lionhead,and full blown hardcore rare title like Conker and or PD2....

FamilyGuy3425d ago

Why are you guys cheering about his promotion(?)?
Does he bring better ideas to or something.
Just an honest question, what all the hubbub about?

soljah3425d ago

wow didn't even know microsoft had a game studio.

what games has this euro studio put out for the 360?

RememberThe3573425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Now MS will have more of a cohesive vision. Peter is a visionary and he will push those studios to put out content that is new and fresh. MS is making the right move by putting him in this position.

@below: You mean the other above?

original seed3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

3-Viva Pinata
4-Viva Pinata 2
6-Banjo N&B
8-Geometry Wars
9-GeoWars 2
10-Jet Pac refulled
11-Banjo XBL
12-Banjo XBL2
13-Boom Boom rocket
14-The movies

Soon to release
-Crackdown 2

So Microsoft games do come out of Europe. These are MSG games. Not to mention other games such as Alan Wake.

Edit- Yes sir. Above you, sorry. :)

FamilyGuy3425d ago

even Geometry wars?
Ok, thanks for that, now i see where the excitement/joy is resonating from.

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cronaldo73425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Molyneux is a genius

Mu5afir3425d ago

The one button for everything in Fable was a dumb idea.

RememberThe3573425d ago

But he was trying something. Trying to make the game more accessible. Unfortunately the combat wasn't as deep as I wanted it to be, but the game was still fun and still successful.

i3eyond the Circle3425d ago

He is quite the visionary.

Congratulations on the promotion Mr. Molyneux as I a member of a corporate world were your name status means everything understands that this is a great step for you.

May you continue to think of genius ideas.

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