Rumor: New Firmware Set For Announcement Soon

Is there a PS3 FW Update abound?

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HighDefinition3425d ago

Hopefully it`s something good. It`s about do for a big update.

The Hunter3425d ago

Please In-game voice chat or SKYPE,, PLEASE SONY !!! U CAN DO IT !!

UltimateIdiot9113425d ago

I don't care too much about voice chat just give me native MKV support.

cyberwaffles3425d ago

yeah, skype sounds like a great idea. you can not only communicate with anyone on the ps3, but also people on their psp's and with the fee, their cell phones.

i also wish they can improve the actual chat room system. why not stream music to each other from your harddrive? or allow youtube to stream videos while both of you watch it? my friend and i use chat rooms a lot when not playing games and sometimes it gets a little boring sitting there not being able to do other stuff like being able to access the web browser or your music. i think sony can manage this. just yesterday i found out that you look at each other's pictures, so why not with music?

Mr_Bun3425d ago

I don't care if it's skype or what...any form of Xgame chat...those that play Demon's Souls know exactly what I am talking about...back me up Penny!

cyberwaffles3425d ago

i've been hearing a lot of issues with chatting or whatever with demon's souls. what's the big deal with it? and also, is the game really good?

Simon_Brezhnev3425d ago

I agree we need mkv support then i wont ever have 2 convert/transcode again. I want skype i dont really care for in game chat seriously if im playing a multiplayer game or a single player with a deep story why in the hell would i want 2 talk 2 somebody playing another game.

Syronicus3425d ago

Just software updates. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't there a big difference between the two?

Pennywise3424d ago

IN game chat is the last piece of the puzzle for the PSN.

The problem with talking to friends in DS is the game doesnt pause so you cant just stop anywhere to go to XMB. And who wants to stop to type when you are playing a game!

Mr_Bun3424d ago

The game is amazing, but there is no in game chat whatsoever....Like Pennywise said: typing in game is annoying when you are trying to organize without a pause button

lokiroo4203424d ago

U2 beta ftw indeed, coop is pretty damn tough.

ButterToast3424d ago

I don't care about cross game chat either. I think the text chat thing is good enough.


completely agree. I want MKV support, there are too many things i can only find in the MKV format.

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TheHater3425d ago

Software updates does not necessary mean firmware updates. Software usually refer to games.

sinncross3425d ago

I'd love to see the PSP get WMV and avi support.

cyberwaffles3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

hunting down only for mp4/mp3/etc formats is annoying.

justpassinggas3425d ago

Get a video converter. Takes ~1 hour to convert a full length movie.

cyberwaffles3424d ago

i could convert, but it's more of a pain in the ass to wait for it converting when i could just search a little bit more to find the same thing with a compatible format. or better yet, the psp can support more codecs.

ThePlaystationFour3425d ago

Where did thegamingowl get this info from?

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The story is too old to be commented.