Persona 5 Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

Gamervision writes:
"Today, Atlus told our E3 reporting team that Persona 5 will be making the jump to the PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360. It's much too soon to talk about release schedules, but just the notion that the game is in development is good enough for me."


"Correction: No one at Atlus confirmed that any unannounced SMT game, including Persona 5, was currently in production. The only word out of the Atlus camp was that a new Shin Megami Tensei game was unlikely to be on the PS2. We apologize for the confusion."

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Sonyslave33428d ago

Persona coming to next gen sweet i can't wait to unlock some achievements 360 version for me.

KKanjiAnkh3428d ago

I hope the sole 360 crowd does enjoy Atlus gems, cause these aren't your typical RPG's I hope you know.

Rigmaster3428d ago

Already denied on the Atlus boards.

KillaManiac3428d ago

What was already denied? Persona 5 in general?

If so, we know it is coming soon enough...its too popular of a franchise (in all regions) to retire it to last gen.

gamesmaster3428d ago

currently playing 4, picked it up for £15.

i'd welcome a sequel with open arms and wallet.

"playstation 3 and/or xbox360" making this game exclusive to any platform would be like shooting themselves in the foot. Its a given that it'll release on the ps3, what with the huge Japanese following and the psp and ps2 released games.

iamtehpwn3428d ago

due to Japanese marketing, and well, the biggest JRPG fan base is on playstation.

KillaManiac3428d ago

If this went Sony exclusive it wouldn't be shooting themselves in the foot at all because Sony has a much higher install base of overall RPG fans.

Also I am sure Atlus will look at other companies decision of taking RPGs to each system and if they think they can make a profit they will, but honestly...RPGs don't sell well at all on 360 so I can see this being exclusive very possible.

- Ghost of Sparta -3428d ago

It's going to be for PS3, not multiplatform. Sony pays for the Shin Megami Tensei series, which includes Persona, Digital Devil Saga, Nocturne, etc. Persona 5, which was supposed to be revealed at TGS last year, is in development for PS3.

MAiKU3428d ago

Gee, wonder what happened to the last game atlus put out to the 360.

Immortal Kaim3428d ago

Actually Lost Odyssey has sold 800,000 copies, which isn't a bad number considering it doesn't have 'Final Fantasy' slapped on the cover. So they are certainly viable.

Baka-akaB3428d ago

Dont forget that Last odyssey had the hype around it of being the FF killer , and the aura of a star staff team , with most notably Sakaguchi .

It's not at all as if it was some "indie" or small jrpg game that went on and sold 800k . It actually wasnt that great sales wise given the hype around , yet ok enough paradoxally thanks to the same hype .

callahan093428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Awesome news! I'll be getting it on PS3 so it can sit nicely on the Playstation side of my games shelf with all the other Persona games, but Persona is just too awesome of a game to deny anyone the right / ability to play it, so glad this one is coming for all PS3 and 360 owners to enjoy! And also glad Wii and PS2 owners are being left in the dust, because while Persona 4 was wonderful, I really want them to be able to focus on high definition hardware for the next one.

Edit: Wait... nevermind, I just read it more carefully and it is NOT confirmed multiplatform. That's unfortunate. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for the future what platform(s) they decide to go with. If they don't go multiplatform with this one, though, I'd be really confused as to why not.

BLuKhaos3428d ago


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TheHater3428d ago

for Atlus not to release this game on the PS3.

KillaManiac3428d ago

Atlus has a huge friendship with Sony....of course it will be on PS3,
but at the same time look at Star Ocean 4...we thought that there was no way and it went to 360 and sold terribly (not that it was bad, just not a big hit for 360 fanbase).

gamesmaster3428d ago

star ocean 4 exclusivity was the one of the worst decisions square-enix made this gen, what a slap in the face to fans of the series.

MAiKU3428d ago

True, people looking forward to the games like that bought a ps3 over the 360.

If you wanted RPG you buy a ps3, if you wanted military simulators, racing, and sports then you but a 360.

At least that's what everyone thought till the companies starting buying crap out and destroying exclusivity.

solidt123428d ago

Finally they are moving away from the PS2 and going next gen. Yea!!!!! I never played Persona but it looks great. I have been waiting for them to bring it to the PS3 first.

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Raoh3428d ago


ATLUS is very slept on by the gaming community

Rmagnus3428d ago

biggest news for me!!! bigger than anything shown at E3!!!!

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