1Up: E3 2009 Conference Grades

1 Up's Mark MacDonald , David and Garnett Lee graded this year E3 press conferences in their latest E3 2009 podcast " Listen UP: 06/02/2009 ".

Conference reviews:

[Nintendo: B- , B+ ]

-Great First Party Line up, Vitality sensor is a waste of time.

[Sony: A- , C ]

- Strength of great titles but lost momentum.

[Microsoft: A+ , B+ ]

- Exciting press conference and glimpse of the future.

1UP's Editor Garnet Lee: " Microsoft wins by a slippery hair"

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JOLLY13426d ago

That seems about right.

locos853425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

If it's graded on what it should be about GAMES. Then I give it like this
2) Tied MicroSoft and Nintendo

and the only reason Nintendo is tied is because I love me some 2D Mario.

Chubear3425d ago

Sony B
Nintendo D- ... and I'm being generous.

Aquanox3425d ago

Most mainstream media is agreeing on that Microsoft won this E3 conferences competition.

I would LOVE to hear what ps3xtreme guys think about it now :P


It has a lot to do with presentation.

We didn't expect MS to be able to react to Sony show and they were pretty good. At the same time, we expected a lot more from Sony.

And I'm not even talking about PS3 Slim. We all expected a price cut and a lot of games we know that are under development (like Twisted Metal and what not).

But if we actually will go technical and pass the impression (like tose damn sites should do to be less tendencious) and count down games and compare announced features, Sony had a way better show.

xwabbit3425d ago

we don't live in the future we live in the now

menoyou3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Doesn't seem right at all. Sony had the games and more exclusive games, announcement after announcement, the reveals, the technology live demonstrated, clean and pretty presnetation, etc.

Microsoft did very good but they had awkward moments like the Beatles, multiplats, they showed technology on video that isn't real yet (Milo), etc.

Nintendo had a lot of nice stuff but nothing amazing except Metroid.

Sony: A+
Microsoft: B+
Nintendo: C-

SaberEdge3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Most gaming and tech outlets believe that Microsoft had the best showing. A poll of over 10,850 people also showed that the greater majority thought Microsoft had the most impressive E3.

Here is an article from
Microsoft won E3
04/06/09 17:51 by Jared Newman
Poll: Microsoft won E3
"A survey of readers at CNet appears to confirm what should've been obvious to anyone that watched the big three console makers' press conferences: Microsoft is the king of this year's E3.

Of the 10,000 people that responded to CNet's poll, more than 51 percent said Microsoft had the most impressive announcements at its press event, 34 percent favored Sony and only 5.6 percent liked Nintendo's announcements best. People who were unimpressed with all three announcements came to 8.4 percent.

The percentages pretty much describe the way I feel about the console makers' respective pressers. Nintendo's dry presentation lacked major surprises (with the exception of a new Metroid game) and Sony did an admirable job putting weight behind the PSP brand and its Playstation 3 games while revealing the obligatory motion controller. Neither compared, however, to Microsoft's event.

Almost every part of the presentation revealed new information, from exclusive game announcements such as Left 4 Dead 2 to major Xbox Live additions and improvements such as 1080p streaming video, improved Netflix navigation and integration with Facebook and Twitter. And to top it off, Project Natal looked better than any motion controller we've seen yet.

It was a blinged-out presentation too, with flashing lights and elaborate sets decked out in lime green Xbox 360 tones. Appearences by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Tony Hawk and Steven Spielberg didn't hurt, either.

Indeed, Microsoft looks like it is hitting a stride in the console wars. Let's see if that has any effect on Nintendo's swagger."

Honestly folks, the PS3 fanboys on this site who predictably proclaim Sony the victor are in the minority.

MEsoJD3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Really was there anything that ms showed more amazing than that???

The Last Guardian (Amazing)

GT5 (LOL after Forsa devs making all those silly claims all we need is a trailer to put them back in their place)

Mod Nation Racers(kicked that NXE avatar racer MS showed)Also the track creation killed mario kart, lol u can just remake a mario track if u wanted :p

Motion Control Prototype (very impressive and accurate, they showed that it could be incorporated into hard core games and not mini games or talking to a depressed suicidal kid)

God of War 3 (The definition of EPIC)

Only thing I'm still excited for is Alan Wake but I'll get it on pc and

ofcourse ill get disagrees for that^_^

gaminoz3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I agree with OP.

All the big Sony games have been seen before (and yes they do look amazing) and some didn't even get given a release date. (Still none on GT? 4 E3s later?). No PS3 slim, no price cut, no surprises; even the promising PSP GO! wasn't a surprise and still doesn't have a second analogue stick to make me upgrade from my 2000. Lots of cool games though.

MS had some good new footage of games like SC: Conviction, and new announcements like L4D2 and MGS, but needed more games. Those that say that Natal is a gimmick obviously are ignoring the amazing (if perplexing) success of the Wii which is killing in sales. Natal does look amazing and so much more advanced that the other wii/ps motes.

Redgehammer3425d ago

the only reason that we can enjoy the "now" is because back when this was the "future" some people had visionary ideas about gaming.

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Ps_alm3k3426d ago

but games and wow factor, SONY!!!!

Sonyslave33426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

wow factor lol Uncharted 2 and God of war combine still didn't have a enough wow factpr to top Milo when he grab the picture.

barom3425d ago

lol grabbing a picture in a pre-recorded video? and then NOT even showing it to you? I mean they did live show for everything else Project Natal and additionally Peter Molyneux was standing right there. Why not do a live demonstration?

To me that's pretty fishy.

lloyd_wonder3425d ago

Yeah. Milo was all scripted, I've heard.

locos853425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

You got wowed by a scripted scene of a Woman talking to a kid.......... Do you even care about games??? Or are you just excited that Milo might give you an excuse to say you have a social life?

Let me know if the Oxyclean works. lol

Syronicus3425d ago

I'm still soaking my jeans in Oxyclean to get the crap stains out after seeing the showing of Uncharted 2. I am for the fact that the gamers won E3 but if I had to give a grade to the big 3 then it would go like this:

Sony - A-
Microsoft - B
Nintendo - C+

SuperM3425d ago

You were impressed by Milo grabbing that picture? That same stuff can be done with eyetoy easily. Take a look at Eyepet for instance. You draw stuff on paper and the pet draws it in game and it comes to life. And sony didnt even bother to show that, so how you think thats more impressive than GOW3 and Uncharted2 is beyond me.

If you ask me, Uncharted 2 was hands down the most impressive game shown at E3, and Sony wins based on that game alone. Oh and MS big game this fall, Halo ODST looked really really dull. Ofcourse it will get great reviews since it has Halo in the name.

Carl14123425d ago

What, it did the same thing as EyePet did last year? Wow, must be advanced...

pwnsause3425d ago

"wow factor lol Uncharted 2 and God of war combine still didn't have a enough wow factpr to top Milo when he grab the picture."

you do realize that the PS eye does it as it as well as they shown a tech demo 2 years ago on how they scanned a hand drawn tank from the PS eye to the screen and then started to play a tank wars game with it, not to mention theres a game called EYEPET which does it as well.

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Sitdown3425d ago

that the character in your picture has a hand up.

i3eyond the Circle3426d ago

I was impressed and satisfied with Microsofts conference.

Sonys not so much the same.

Nintendo I didn't bother watching.

raztad3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I think you and many others are more satisfied with MS cause you got more than you were expecting (good thing when you keep expectations low). On the other hand everybody was expecting Sony to have a killer presentation, and while it was, the hype was too high and additionally it was semi-spoiled by the PSP-Go leak.

IMO, sony is the winner w/o doubts.

Im talking about presenting quality stuff, no shows and future BS projects. No Facebook (Why facebook if you got Home) and 1080p videos (So what? the PS3 got BR, and 1080p videos from day one)

Lets talk about GAMES. In my opinion Sony was relentless. A lot of games for the PSP. New propierty from Rockstar, FFXIV. GT:Mobile, Peace Walker (directed and produced by Kojima), and the gems UC2 (this is enough to KILL anything in the 360), TLG (sublime) and GoW3 (ran out of words)

mario2man3426d ago

sony gets AAA in my eyes

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