E3: Valve's Lombardi On What Happened To Turtle Rock

In the year leading up to the release of Left 4 Dead, Valve acquired longtime collaborator Turtle Rock Studios, the team that spawned the co-op shooter and worked alongside Valve to complete it.

The studio -- founded by Counter-Strike AI bot creator Michael Booth -- was renamed Valve South and planned to operate as a satellite studio to Valve's main Bellevue, Washington office, but Gamasutra received information suggesting the studio no longer exists in that form.

During E3 this week, Gamasutra tracked down Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi to confirm and clarify those reports: Booth himself remains in Irvine, California; several team members moved to Bellevue to work at Valve proper; and although the physical Valve South office is no longer in operation, the remaining team members are currently working with Booth on another unnamed project.

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