G4TV Hands-On Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Video Preview

G4TV writes: "Marco! Polo! Though we're sad to find that the adventure behind Uncharted 2: Among Theives has little to do with the best childhood pool game, we still caught up with Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog at E3 09 Live to tell us more about Drake's quest to uncover Marco Polo's lost treasure, all while running from the dark world of thieves and mercenaries. We also get a preview at Uncharted 2's incredible graphics and gameplay, which only makes us wish Fall 2009 came a little faster!"

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HighDefinition3426d ago

Is awesome, if people wanted a GEOW type MP on the PS3 the wait is over. The best part is it`s better the GEOW MP, IMO anyway.

cmrbe3426d ago

Uncharted has much better gameplay than Gears and why Uncharted MP will be better than Gears MP.

You move faster, You have much better melee combos, you have stealth kills, you can climb,jump,hang and shoot on top of the shooting and cover mechanics in Gears.I will not be surprise if people will like Uncharted over most MP games out now as its something fresh from the usual shooters/FPS MP.

mario2man3425d ago

I agree its faster and has less glitches even though its a beta. (its my opinion to the gears fanboys who have not played the beta who should not be in this area anyway)

HighDefinition3425d ago

This is the reality, Uncharted 2 MP is GEOW MP w/ these things added........... "You move faster, You have much better melee combos, you have stealth kills, you can climb,jump,hang and shoot on top of the shooting and cover mechanics in Gears."

Get excited people.

Foliage3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

HOLY F! I just saw Elena used heavily in a different trailer for this game. This game manages to get better and better and better. Already way ahead of everything else, how do they constantly keep improving? Incredible!

Yeah the whole Elena thing might not be news for most of you, but I haven't seen her personally until now and feared she was dropped from the game. I'm so glad she wasn't since she added an incredible amount of charm to the original.

Edit: Ugh I've been scripting the whole day, I have no will to type properly any more.

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Szarky3426d ago


Sounds like fun guys... see you online... in the Fall.

Rofflecopter3425d ago

yes you do. The beta is a blast. I'm so addicted its not even funny.

Cyrus3653426d ago

That such a sick demo, easily the best demo of all the games in this E3. Helicopter shooting at ya, tree blowing due to the win, lots of physics going on.

My only gripe is, the helicopter bullets when shooting what appears to wooden areas do not destory object, when it should naturally.

TheHater3425d ago

The game still has a few more months of development time left. They probable might fix that by the time the game comes out.

cmrbe3425d ago

but TLG for me. As Great as GT5,GOW3 and U2 was at the show. TLG stole the show for me.

U2 is offcourse my GOTY 09.

HighDefinition3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

ModNationRacers was a great surprise aswell. (I`m a sucker for Kart racing games)

The motion control demo was great too, and GOW.......Sony had a GREAT E3.

Foliage3425d ago

The best part is knowing that I can play all of GOW3, TLG, U2, and GT5. Along with a bunch of other incredible games. There's no reason to choose between them or settle for lesser games and pretend that they are just as good. Those 4 titles ARE the real deal.

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Rmagnus3425d ago

damn... now i gotta wait

Kleptic3425d ago

the physics from 3:45 on are absolutely incredible...the way all the desks slide towards drake when the side of the room blows out...and the way they slowly start sliding out the opening as the building tips...all the while drake has 3 guys shooting at him and explosions are going off everywhere...

I didn't think killzone 2 would be topped so soon visually...but all signs are pointing to that...