Mafia 2: Gameplay E3 09 Demo

Here is a 8 minute long demo from Mafia 2!

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Sonyslave33427d ago

Are their any Yakuza to kill in this game.

Slinger4203427d ago

Wow, this looks like it could have some serious potential if the story is done right. The gameplay and graphics looked pretty damn good for a game with a lot of development time left.

free2game3653427d ago

This is supposed to be coming out later this year. That's not really that much time left. And from the looks of it this could be a PC build, where as when they demo'd it before it was probably on a console and it didn't look like it was running up to par, so there's probably still work to be done on that.

MA3LK3427d ago

Its being delayed to spring 2010 so they got awhile

Slinger4203427d ago

Oh, ok. I thought the game got pushed back to 2010. You're probably right about it being the PC version too.

360 man3427d ago

this game looks amazing

Sizzon3427d ago

a must, day 1 for me.


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