IGN: PSP Go Impressions

The PSP go made its official debut Tuesday at E3 2009, and although the fact that most of the details regarding the device were leaked last week, this week was a rare opportunity to get some pre-release hands-on time with the new handheld. To give you a full rundown on the new handheld, IGN gathered a number of impressions from PlayStation team editors Chris Roper and Greg Miller, as well as IGN Gear editor, Scott Lowe.

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Myst3423d ago

Taking a look at that picture it doesn't look to bad to be honest; will be a pain to get used to it from the usual PSP 1k-3k models for Monster Hunter; but overall I like it and getting more tempted to get it.

gamesmaster3423d ago

i want one.. with mgs, gt and lbp

KillaManiac3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I have a PSP 2000, but I honestly don't see why anyone (who has a PSP) would get a PSP Go! I can put in my PSP w/e gig memory...i can download off PSN and I can use UMDs...

I think its great for non-psp owners, but for a PSP owner...I don't see point IMO.

Now if it had 2 analogs....that would be different!

Myst3423d ago

I understand what you mean when you say if you already have one it seems pointless. I currently have a launch PSP-1000 still from about...4 years ago (I think, it was pretty much launch date). I was planning on getting the Dissidia bundle and trade in the old one for that, because I thought it was about time I upgraded. Yet..looking at the features I've always wanted to play some titles with the dualshock and I know the 3000 can hook up to TVs just as well as the 2000. Yet my 1000 can't and it's pretty much a choice between 3000 and Go at this point. Only thing on the deciding lines is what titles will be available and when.

So pretty much for me it's a matter of upgrading with a few turning points on the line. With the turning points being (and they better hurry up and confirm this fast!) whether or not Monster Hunter Freedom United and Dissidia will be available on the store or not. Already have Media go downloaded and everything.

Xiru3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


I bought a Psp-2000 so I could play my games on the tv. This is not as great as it sounds and I've only used it once. The screen was cropped and it really looked grainy because my tv is 37 inches. The screen on the psp-3000 is supposedly messed up. The only thing that worries me about the GO is how am I going to get my UMD's on it? Also, is 16gb going to be enough space? The price is rough too, but I think since I'm a gadget whore, I will buy one at launch. If I had to choose between a 3000 and a GO, the GO gets my vote.

50CALheadshot3423d ago

we can have a pspGO with 48 gigs of storage. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Myst3423d ago


Ah, though my TV isn't as big (only about 20~21 inches) I wonder if the same effect will be had on it? Though I am also concerned about getting my UMDs on the go, worse comes to worse I'd probably just buy the ones I play most frequently again onto the Go if I indeed get it. 16 Gbs also seems like enough seeing as games range from about 400 to about 1.4 (or 1.6 gb) if I recall. So roughly maybe 8 games or less can be the maximum on the Go. If I'm remembering correctly that is. So it seems like it would be a good idea to have games saved on the go and a card for game saves I suppose.

ThanatosDMC3423d ago

I wonder how the shoulder button feels like...

FamilyGuy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Is why this thing isn't releasing right now or this year even.
It's completely tangible and working so what's with the hold up?

Just look at all the people playing with the demo models, it's seems to be a finished product.

I have so many ideas for the thing already, i kinda want to make it into a console since PS3 controllers can be paired with it and it, like the newer psps, has a video out. I REALLY want a lot of those psp games on my tv and with the PS3 controller as an option now i really see this being useful.


I share you EXACT, to the friggin "T", sentiments. I also have a launch psp (bought it the second day) and always wanted video out but the recent psps havn't seemed worth it. My psp is also hacked so i dont mind having a second one for official games. I barely have ANY umds so i don't mind the Go being digital only as thats what i've been use to for years.

I Really want to play Dragon Hunter, Dissidia and Dante's Inferno ( and a good number of others) on my 32in hdtv, i figure 480p will look fine on that.

Sarcasm3423d ago

"Is why this thing isn't releasing right now or this year even.
It's completely tangible and working so what's with the hold up?

Just look at all the people playing with the demo models, it's seems to be a finished product. "

Maybe they're still in the production line? They need to create at least 1,000,000 of these things to spread across the whole world.

Myst3423d ago

Yeah, Though thinking it over I'll probably end up trading in my launch for the 3000 Dissidia bundle. I went over toward the Capcom message board and asked if their had been any plans for Monster Hunter United on the PSN store, as of now no word. With Monster Hunter drawing ever near I'll just throw my $10.00 pre-order down on it and get it later. Though I will admit if Capcom says anything I'd be all over it.

Also I barely have any UMDs just as well, a total of four right now so getting it wouldn't be to much of a hit for me either; though I just wish Sony and some third parties would have stated some more information about putting their current and past titles on the store.

FamilyGuy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I got 3.

They said at the sony conference that "All psp games from this point on (or upon release of the go) will be released digitally as well as on UMD." So Im about %99.9 positive a hit franchise like Monster Hunter will make its way to the digital store. They might even be cheaper than tangible disc, but i doubt it. I also think this, adding psp more games to the store, is part of the reason it isn't releasing sooner. Along with production time.

@ people who think it cost too much
16Gbs: get a psp-1000/2000/3000 model and a 16Gb pro duo card and tell me whats the better deal?

@people who think 16Gbs is not enough
You can store the games on your PS3 (if you have one) and even re-download games if you need to delete some to make space. I wish they had allowed SD or M2 though, SD has the best price and highest limit for a flash memory card.

Myst3423d ago


Yeah I saw a few on their that I saw at Gamestop and remember back when the PSP first launched. The only thing that really gets me from getting the PSP Go is. Do I really want to wait all the way till october to play Dissidia and Monster Hunter? I mean if they haven't hit the PSN Store at that time either it's going to be a big problem for me, and since I'll be at college all day every weekday I'll need something to play :p!

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Panthers3423d ago

I love the size and look of it.

Sarcasm3423d ago

"That's what she said ! :P "

Funny, what she said to me was "I like the size, but I like the feel of it inside me better"

Okay bad joke and too much detail lol.

RememberThe3573423d ago

Lol Greg is a fool. Hes hilarious on Podcast Beyond.

swiftshot933423d ago

I agree with them it seems really cool. But I also agree that $250 is too much. Ill probably still get it anyway.

Sarcasm3423d ago

Yeah the price was a killer. I went from "I'm getting one 100%" to "I'll think about it."

The same shift of opinion probably hit thousands of gamers who saw the price announcement lol

s8anicslayer3423d ago

I like the Idea of true pocket gaming aslong as the screen size is not sacraficed, also not having to swap umd's is also a great idea. I'm getting one

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