EuroGamer: MS execs: Natal not derived from 3DV

Eurogamer Writes: Microsoft's Shane Kim has said that the systems making up Project Natal have been in development "for a long time", and distanced the full-body motion-sensing camera from the company's acquisition of 3DV Systems.

His colleague Aaron Greenberg was even more direct. Asked whether Natal was derived from 3DV technology, he told Eurogamer: "No, we built this in house."

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3426d ago

It looks like MS bought 3DV so they would get sued in a few years if Natal takes off.

Xi3426d ago

They bought them out to help develop the technology cheaper.

3dv was working on a $50 vid cam capable of the same thing with slightly less accurate results and I think MS bought them out so they could develop something cheaper and more accurate together.

fear883426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Apparently when Sony introduces a Camera that senses depth and functions in all light situations 2 years ago its considered a rehash of the EyeToy yet Natal is something revolutionary yet does the exact same thing.

Gotta love them 360 fanboy double standards.


To the disagree try explaining the old GDC 2008 tech demo video

kewlkat0073426d ago

IF you wanna call sony motion superior might as well hype the Wii. Of course that will never happen.

fear883426d ago

Patent filed August 26, 2004 -

And the Person who submitted the Patent was Dr. Richard Marks of the EyeToy fame.

In fact, this technology is pioneered by this man alone.

So much for that assumption of yours.

CrazyJ3426d ago

I think they bought 3dv so they could corner the market on patents that cover controllerless control using true depth information. Natal uses two cameras to figure out depth information and 3dv used infrared light pulses. Pretty much the only two methods to get good depth information aside from laser scanning. I'm sure they bought 3dv for multiple reasons but one probably was so the competition didn't. If the competition bought 3dv they could have quickly gotten up to Natal's levels and possibly do it cheaper. I could be totally wrong as I don't actually know what patents 3DV or Microsoft owns.

Xi3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

and one regular camera for color, tone, which is then combined along with the calculating the perspective difference between the 2.

That's why this camera can work in the dark without a problem.

CrazyJ3426d ago

Did not know one camera was infrared. I didn't see any infrared emitters so I assumed they were both regular cameras. It would seem they bought 3dv to protect themselves from lawsuits from 3dv.

Willio3426d ago

"Project Natal have been in development "for a long time"

Why cant they just state the development began when nintendo wii came out?

SaberEdge3426d ago

Because we know that a lot of the tech that comprises Natal was being worked on by Microsoft long before the Wii ever came out. The voice recognition aspect, as just one example.

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shazui1233426d ago

It wont for gamers, not accurate enough, sonys motion control was superior

Xi3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Using natal, because the game would use full body movements... not just your hands.

BX813426d ago

Wow!! surprising to see you with so little bubbles when you are clearly a droid! Sony's motion controls used exactly that...controls!! The natal used nothing other than the sensor! U fail as well did your statement. Thanks for your time.

Sonyslave33426d ago

MS is smart buy the tech so Sony and Nintendo can't use it for their system lol MS are evil.

Raoh3426d ago

pretty much, MS is well known for buying out the competition and patents.

i'm surprised microsoft's biggest competitors havent learned that yet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3426d ago

MS is probably avoiding what happened when they got sued for the rumble feature that affected Sony as well. In addition, ensuring your competitors have a harder time getting this important technology is just a bonus!!!

I'm not just talking about the likes of Sony for gaming, but consider Apple as well. This is likely to be released for PC's in the future for variety of applications.

Mike134nl3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Microsoft has been sued so many times, they would be stupid if they haven't learned their lessons yet.

If you believe nadal really looks like eye toy expect Sony to sue them for everything they got.

Its very plausible that Microsoft has been working on nadal for a while now, since they where working on motion capturing with webcams for pc use, also not to forget microsoft surface which doesn't work with a touchscreen but with 5 (near infrared) camera's detecting motion.

As for all the eye toy sony comments, common people stop complaining and comparing to eye toy, really nadal isn't just a webcam.

Godmars2903426d ago

Just like they developed the 360's CPU and rumble?

Xi3426d ago

Which was the first DX10 ready card.

IdleLeeSiuLung3426d ago

Nope, but they did create surface (the touch table) as well as create one of the most sophisticated piece of software on earth, Windows!

SKUD3426d ago

Call me crazy but, I believe it. Total in house development.

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