Top 10 free Tetris rip-offs

"Today the mighty Tetris, hoary old giant of 2D puzzlers, wrecker of office hours, savior of idle tube journeys and, on at least one occasion, violator of international airline safety regulations, celebrates its 25th year at the pinnacle of electronic entertainment.

The champagne has been gushing freely at Flytrap HQ. We ordered takeaways, anyway, and Ed fired a party popper at the cat. But when it came to the task of marking the occasion in virtual ink, we found ourselves at a loss. Just how do you do justice to the majesty of Tetris?

Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and few games have seen so many imitations as this one. The vast bulk of Tetris clones, however, are scarcely worth a click. What we need, I mused aloud as Ed dabbed his arm with antiseptic, is a selection of the very, very best. Or weirdest. Same difference, really."

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