PS3 Real-time Ray-tracing


"IBM Interactive Ray-tracer (iRT) using three Sony Playstation3s (PS3) to render a model that is 75x more complex then those used in today's games. Ray-tracing is the rendering technique used by the film industry and is considered to complex for today's game systems. The code was written using IBM Cell SDK 2.0 on Linux. The iRT is totally scalable and only requires one Cell SPE to run. More PS3s = More SPEs = Higher client frame rates. All images are at least 720p 4x multi-sampled, with dynamic light sources, procedurally generated atmosphere, and dynamic shadows"

CyberSentinel6317d ago (Edited 6317d ago )

That was impressive.

/end sarcasm.

@Sashy: Go back to your boyfriend, and play with his Wii.

fenderputty6317d ago

then your rather a-typical responce. Get out of here. It's not even remotly xbox related.

Can this tech actually be used in games? Also ... can someone link me to a version that isn't on youtube? I can't get that while I'm at work.

Ps30076317d ago

FORZA set up just got beat badly... I mean BADLY....

techie6317d ago (Edited 6317d ago )

NO RSX. ALL SPE's. PS3 can employ all ps3's on network...imagine.

"using three Sony Playstation3s (PS3) to render a model that is 75x more complex then those used in today's games. "

Ray tracing to enhance reflections and refraction will be seen this generation in games. And I will look forward to it.

SlippyMadFrog6317d ago

@DeepBrown: Are you a next gen technical expert? Are you an experienced game developer? Can you maybe explain why you think so?

Hats off to this guy programming this graphical display, I bet it took a lot of effort and skill but I see no practical use for his creation.
Maybe he could have added more objects in the environment to show the reflections but that car alone doesn't realy wow me. It also doesn't prove that PS3 is powerfull or not since he used 3 to do it. Actualy, this is just a useless coding experiment but kudos to this guy for coding it.

techie6316d ago

Nice little spin there. No I'm not a developer but I Have contacts my friend. Contacts. :)

SimmoUK6317d ago

Raytracing is possible on one PS3, this is happening in games that are coming out over this year and next. IBM has also demonstrated this at a convention on one single PS3.

SmokeyMcBear6317d ago

I like how cyber is all up on ps3's jock. Just simply cannot let any ps3 article out of his site.. must be envy and jealousy. Don't worry cyber, one day mommy and daddy will make enough money, or maybe you can save your allowance for about a year to get it. Just think positive.

The cell processer is an amazing thing, we are just beginning to see its potential, although I'm not sure I can afford to have 3 ps3s conneceted to eachother, but im sure things will get more stream line. Impressive video none the less

Superman176317d ago

Yo yo yo...cyber did good thx for tha article, It shows how sick ps3 really is lika "shy beast" scared to release its "gunz". It really has potential. And cyber ur not the only one without a ps3... i am too, im waiting till fall when mgs4 comes out..Anyways ps3 pwns right now