Sony Online Entertainment sets Guinness World Record at E3

SOE and Jive Records recording artist, The Dares, team up to set a record at E3: 2009

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ZombieNinjaPanda3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The Dares? I gotta check them out see if they're pretty good.

Edit: Sony made a good choice with these guys. They remind me of Sum 41. I'm gonna try and become friends with them, finally some new punk and rock.

Edit: Explain the disagrees please?

PataponKnight3423d ago

The disagrees are probably because Sum41 are no good even though I didn't disagree.

FamilyGuy3423d ago

I didn't know you couls get in the GWRs by being the first to do something. I thought it was only if you were the best or did the most ect...

Like did sega win an award for having the first console with online user interaction capabilities?

Syronicus3423d ago

It might not deserve a record int he books but to think that we can now see some cool new concerts, live through the use of Home, that is actually pretty cool stuff. Can you imagine seeing your favorite band playing in Home? Yeah this band was not all that but if it were somebody cool I could really dig this new way of seeing the concert.

air13423d ago

thats cool, but who are the dares??

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago

Really? I remember Future Sound of London doing a live concert that was simulcast on the internet and that was back in 2000.

Why was that not recognized?

Congrats I guess.. Just don't play that music again.

callahan093423d ago

Was it in a virtual world, or just an internet simulcast? That could be the distinction, here.

Willio3423d ago

I thought their music couldnt be more painful than High school musical but i was wrong.

Johnny Rotten3423d ago

YESSS I still have Dead Cities on Vinyl!

Godmars2903423d ago

I wasn't there in Home. Every time I turn on my PS3 its to pay inFamous. Otherwise I'd have been there.

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