OXM: Fuel Review

In this age of climate-change discussion, Fuel looks like one of those rarest of things: a smog-belching racing game with social conscience. The game imagines an America ravaged by apocalyptic weather conditions, with drowned cities, parched deserts, and violent storms. And what's the best people can think to do about it? Continue to churn the place up in gas-guzzling vehicles. Naughty humans.

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Why o why3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

all have something in common................'love thy neighbour' is a clue although eurogamer said FCUK it this time they normally give above average scores to codemaster titles

PrimordialSoupBase3425d ago

And you're still at it. LOL.

This here is a very, very solid game.

Why o why3425d ago

its my crusade....leave me be;)

ASSASSYN 36o3425d ago

I bought it and I love it.