Gamer Limit: God of War III | The brutal glory does not disappoint

Gamer Limit writes "All in all, the game is a more violent, better looking version of the its predecessors but is it going to be great?"

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moparful993425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

sweet im the first one here...... Anyway this game is going to be epic. All i have to say to the detractors is why mess with a winning formula? Sony has always updated the game and added new little tweaks that keep us coming back but the show piece has always been the brutal combat that no other game has matched... Plus kratos is just a badass... march 2010 cant come soon enough.....

Dead_Cell3425d ago

Why are people bothered about innovation in a hack-and-slash.
Seriously now,yeah they may let you swing from Harpy to Harpy like this review picked up on but nobody is buying it for that.
They're buying it because in the past two games it was Kratos knocking the f-ck out of Greek Mythology and they want more of the same.

TomMcBaum3425d ago

Ya, sure God of War II was cool and all (and yes, I own that title), but you *must* admit, this looks an awful lot like its predecessor. When musical groups churn out a too-similar clone of a previous hit, everyone derides them for it, and rightly so. I think I see the same thing here. Games must progress. With that said, the devs must have put *something* innovative in there. I just didn't see it in the E3 demo. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised, though...

xg-ei8ht3425d ago

You could say that for anygame.

What new stuff did gears of war 2 bring, nothing.

Hide behind a wall, shoot, next wall shoot.

Or could it be the 5v5 instead of 4v4.

You know why so little was changed.

Because you don't mess with a decent product, otherwise you alienate it's core players and they move on.

These games will always be just tweaked.

Newer weapons, better graphics. But GOD OF WAR has the story to go with it.

And still don't knock it until you've played the full game.