Castlevania: Lords of Shadow coming to PS3 and Xbox 360; see first screenshots - E3 2009

Konami today announced a new Castlevania game, and this time it's not for the DS. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is an open world game and it's coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010.

See the first screenshots and artwork from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow here.


Added video trailer and full press release from Konami to the page.

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s8anicslayer3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

As superb as those screens look, Konami needs to bring this franchise back to 2D

Evildoomnerd3424d ago

but I'll take any Castlevania I can get my hands on. There's never enough whip & undead slaying these days. Plus having Kojima Productions working on it is just icing on the cake!

50CALheadshot3424d ago

hopefully they can add some interesting gameplay elements

pain777pas3424d ago

I agree I would have preferred a 2.5d or 2d game but still looks very good.

PataponKnight3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Lets hope there are no whips this time, I need swords, and lots of them, like in SOTN. I wish they would just redo SOTN in HD, such a great game.

SolidAhmed3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

i would like the franchise to move forward to 3D since every great game done that before and they been successful:

Metal Gear
street fighter 2.5

not to mention that some of the games have failed to achieve a successful state in 3rd cough "bionic commandos" cough.

but still i believe in Castle Vania and believe it or not i was wondering why not having MGS 4 engine to run into the upcoming castle vania..

thanks god that at least kojima will lead it to the right track

ps: i am a very big fan of castle vania since vampire killer that was on 1987.


Nah, 2D times were great but today they are pretty cansaive games. The only 2D/2.5D games I still play today are portable games or LBP (cause there is always new stages if you want).

The fact is 2D now is just too previsible and repetitive for most people, and we expect this being ok for short time sessions like on portables (were 2D still dominate).

The thing is Castlevania need to make a GOOD move for 3D. Most 3D Castlevanias aren't that great, I would say Curse of Darkness is the only 3D Castlevania I enjoy, but it feels almost like a spin-off playing as Hector and summoning demons.

For me, the more hack and slash the better anyway. This one looks great from this trailer (although I don't think this is gameplay) and after Prince of Persia, good news are welcomed. Next on, I expect Square/Eidos to announce some Legacy of Kain so I can go through spectral and material realms slashing and hacking!

I love video games3424d ago

id prefer hed redo the old metal gear the ones on nintendo or whatever system it was

AKNAA3424d ago

BAYONETTA, GOD OF WAR 3, NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 and now THIS! I'm Luvin' it all!

Syronicus3424d ago

Was undoubtedly Castlevania: SOTN. It was 2D. It was what works in the series best. I wish they would make a next gen version of the best Castlevania rather than make a new one using a different perspective.

Saint Sony3423d ago

BUT, this 3D version... wow, looks really good. Definitely a must have title. If the original mood is there this will be pure win!

solidt123423d ago

I just watched the trailer and I am excited to see the first real next gen Castlevania game. This game has just moved up into my top 10 games for 2010.

Montrealien3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

(As superb as those screens look, Konami needs to bring this franchise back to 2D)

Are you kidding? Get a DS. I would love to see a fully next gen 2D Castlevania, but as long as we have some great Castlvania games on the DS in true pixel goodness, I give Konami the benefit of the doubt to get 3D castlevania right.

btw, I am a little late here, but it the the (mask) announcement from the kojima teaser site?

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Qbanj693424d ago

Where is Zone of Enders 3?


This game is not made by Kojima. It's made by Mercurysteam in association with Kojima Productions.

Kojima itself won't put a finger in it I believe, probably Konami decided to put it in hand of Mercurysteam and borrow some dev power from Kojima's studio to help this game meeting the quality and date.

There is no ZoE without Kojima, and he will be working and MGS main story game for PSP (don't remember the name, Peace something).

tha_meat_beater3424d ago

even with the obsolete-ring-box holding it back, castlevania should be a good game

StrboyM3424d ago

this looks done right, i was very very nervous when i heard it was 3d, but after watching the character animations and seeing the enemies, im going to pass out. whew.

this guy is not of the belmont bloodline it seems like a side story type, i wonder how they will tie it in with castlevania.

omg it looks sweet
I think the next belmont/alucard game should be in 2d with incredible special effects ....but this one is good like this..

i need to smoke a cig...

Flipgeneral3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That was probably the best trailer EVER for a video game imo... Done very well with the writing, casting, music, and the game looks FANTASTIC! My new most anticipated game has just been declared

fishyjoes3424d ago

Wow, just wow. Havn't played a castlevania since sotn and dracula x

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