First Thoughts on Uncharted 2 from the Show Floor

From By now most of you Drake-lovers have had a chance to play the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer beta that hit the PSN last night, either by using your day-one Infamous code or your early-adopter Qore pass. In what is surely good news for those at home, this is the same demo that I played yesterday on the show floor, so you've seen what I've seen of Uncharted 2. There is a new single-player trailer running on the giant screens, but I'm sure that it will hit the net shortly (and may already be out by press deadline). If there was still any doubt, Elena plays a significant role in the single-player story and is not relegated to a multiplayer skin, as some had feared (the voice actress from the first game was "busy" during principal motion capture). Perhaps there were re-shoots. Perhaps that initial report was inaccurate, but Elena is back to compete with Chloe Fisher for Drake's affections.

Continue for MP/Coop impressions.

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3422d ago

Sully, Elena, Drake and Chloe?

Oh and... Chloe's full name is Chloe Fisher? Is she related to "Elena Fisher" or what? I bet they got that one wrong

lloyd_wonder3422d ago

It's Chloe Fraizer if I'm not mistaken. Definitely not Fisher.