GameSpot: Gran Turismo for PSP Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "On the upside, GT for the PSP will support ad-hoc play for up to four players, so there's some realistic racing to be had provided you can find a friend or three with a copy of the game. We're also told that you'll be able to trade cars with friends, though it's unclear if you'll be swapping them one for one, exchanging in-game money, or just unlocking cars you've already gained access to for your friend".

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PirateThom3425d ago

lol @ Forza inventing racing lines.

Johnny Rotten3425d ago

Now bring Ad-Hoc party to the rest of the world.

NegativeCreep4273425d ago

Pretty pathetic for the MS Butt-Buddie alliance isn't it?

MajesticBeast3425d ago

2 discs and a simple umd has more content now thats just funny.

3425d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.