Sony Expects Metal Gear Solid Rising On PS3 At Launch.

Sony's head of marketing for the PS3 confirmed that the next console Metal Gear Solid is not an Xbox 360 exclusive or even a timed one.

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theKiller3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

and i can tell u that they will use some elements of MGS4 engine so in the end it will look 10 times better than the 360 version!

Johnny Rotten3425d ago

hey look it's a dev on the N4G comment section!

dan_chan893425d ago

This game intrigues me, loved playing as Raiden equipped with the hf blade back in MGS2 :)

ELite_Ghost3425d ago

it's prob gonna suck or be short or rushed or gay. that's why they put it on 360. it's gonna b a hack and slash game like ninja gaiden but mgs.
yes that sounds pretty cool but konami does not make those types of games.

Shaka2K63425d ago

LOL microsoft can't even afford time exclusives anymore.

Araceae3425d ago

Looking forward to seeing some actual game play of this game. Even though Kojima isn’t directly involved, I still hope the game turns out well and not just a lame hack and slash.