Gamer Limit: MAG hands on | Nothing more than…meh.

Gamer Limit writes "Apart from the minor lag gripes and the excellent sound, MAG doesn't offer anything much more than large scale warfare."

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Chris3993426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

That's the point of the game, idiot.

Massive, Action, Game. What were you expecting? Cutscenes? Chocobo summons?

Edit: I just watched the stage demo again. Personally, I think it looks fun and quite layered in it's strategy. The separate objectives and optional air-strikes are pretty cool. The commander/ grunt interaction is also really well done. Oh, and it looks great for a multi-player battleground. Not an easy feat. Did I mention that it will be FREE TO PLAY? Jesus, some people just aren't happy, I suppose.

@syvergy. I did read the article in it's entirety. And I think you touched on the key issue there, it's HIS EXPERIENCE AND OPINION. What I've seen, with my eyes, tells a different story. Most of the games that I've loved this gen are easily hovering at the 80% or lower average on Metacritic (Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles), so it's evident that the "professionals" and I are usually well apart in our opinions. I'll reserve my final judgment until I play the game myself of course, but a preview is just another person's opinion, which is always to be taken with a grain of salt.

Oh, and the article is written in that smarmy, pedantic way that I hate so much. Take it to Edge or Eurogamer, I say.

syvergy3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Jeez. Settle down. He's played it, you haven't. He's not too impressed with it.

Would you rather he lie like every other overzealous blogger and say its the best thing since Jesus?

It might also be worth reading the actual article, rather then replying to the blurb.

lokiroo4203426d ago

Uh sverge he is is just glossing over the entire point of the game, makes him seem like a dumbass.

Rigmaster3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

He wasn't glossing over anything. Just look at the other stuff the idiot has written. He knew perfectly well what he was trying to accomplish with this garbage.

64 player Resistance 2 was spun as "Sony showing off"

Ratchet and Clank was marked down for "Too much variety"

They tried to trash Killzone 2 for "Being pretty"

They tried to trash MSG4 for "Being just a movie"

Like so many people have said before, there really needs to be an opposite world where these punks in the gaming press get owned by themselves with reviews written if these same games had come out on a Microsoft console:

64 player Resistance 2 - Shows the amazing online capabilities 50 dollars a year gets you

Ratchet and Clank - Amazing variety in gameplay found no where else

Killzone 2 - CGI level graphics right in your living room

MSG4 - Incredible blend of story telling and gameplay and graphics

raztad3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


IS this guy the "too much variety" dumbass? It CANT be!!!!LOOOOOOOOOOOL

OMG! This stupid is still pretending to be a gaming journalist?

I guess the dumbass was expecting some gaylos falling down from the sky in a gaylo jump :D and some peww, peww after touching ground.


You forgot the knife dude

Real Gambler3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

You're wondering where this guy is coming from!

"here is my summary: MAG is a standard first person shooter with a large amount of players segmented into small groups. There may be 256 people playing, and they affect the outcome of the game, but you won’t find more than thirty people (and that is a generous number) on your screen at one time."

Wow, this has been said already a year ago. He sit down, grab a controller, and repeat what we have read about the game a year ago??? Good article : ) Sadly we won't learn much from it! You're truly wondering if he was really expecting to become Rambo, and shoot 128 other players coming at him on the same screen at the same time! A huge pile up of 128 players, one machine gun, and one bow...

popup3426d ago

The guy is a twat.

Previews are supposed to be written explaining how a product works, how it is looking at the moment and which areas you hope are going to be improved (afterall, you are looking at a work in progress).

Complaining about lag on a showroom floor is so stupid I am not even going there and calling a product 'meh' sums up his monkey-like skills. Eric Cartman syndrome.

Having said that, this game is not really my cup of tea but I wish it every success :)

Rigmaster3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"IS this guy the "too much variety" dumbass?"

My mistake, saying that he is doing the exact same thing.

Everyone can imagine just what the headlines from idiots like him in the gaming media if Microsoft just demo a live 256 player FPS title.

Christopher3426d ago

He complained about it having nothing out of the ordinary for combat games, such as weapon packages and vehicles. I think he completely missed the point of the game. Not everyone wants mech robots, laser weapons, or similar halo-esque weapons in their online multiplayer game.

In fact, I'd say inclusion of those type of weapons will only lead to huge imbalance issues considering it's 128 vs 128 and involving overpowered weaponry will only mean unnecessary reload screens for the unlucky people who didn't start with or find the uber weapons.

commodore643426d ago


All the above are quite an overreaction considering the game is nothing more than ....meh!

menoyou3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

This is the type of idiot that would give MAG a 7/10 because "it doesn't do anything new" (even though it does) but will give a game like Halo 3 or Call of Duty a 9/10 (which do absolutely nothing new, ever). Lol. These people are just ridiculous.

MAR-TYR-DOM3426d ago

WATCH THIS. ITS SOOOO EPIC. Gamespot has done a nice job to show off MAG. Quality is bad but still its a good watch.

darx3426d ago

All you guys above sweat Sony.

Hydrolex3426d ago

256 players !!! Only dumb blind people can't see that beauty

FamilyGuy3426d ago

Did anyone else get the feeling that MAG was just a first-person-view/third-person -view /ground level RTS?

Really, it's EXACTLY like an RTS, but instead of drones each member of you party is controlled by an actual human. They say its closer to an MMO but i think RTS fits better with it's squad leaders telling everyone what to do and tactically planning out how and where to strike next in a huge environment with battles/scrimmages lasting an hour long

BattleAxe3426d ago

This guy is a complete bum! He's been eating too much asparagus with white wine sauce.

Sarcasm3426d ago

I'm not 100% convinced on MAG just yet. But I'm 99% sure I'm going to buy it.

4Sh0w3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"Apart from the minor lag gripes and the excellent sound, MAG doesn't offer anything much more than large scale warfare."

Its similiar to what I read but I didn't see that statement. I'm losing more and more respect for this site. Basicly nobody is allowed to critcize anything sony related without being biased. I guess I would be more inclined to believe them if the same people wouldn't instantly swear that negative 360 news from many of the same sites they previously ridiculed is automatically right when they say anything negative about microsoft/360. lol We all have opinions, its OK for me MAG was probably the least impressive game sony showed, I really think the effort/focus on "256" is taking away from the creativity that would have probably been the focus to make MAG standout in a crowded shooter market, and thats likely exactly why so far other than "256" so far it hasn't wowed anybody.

Marceles3426d ago

Yeah it's definitely written like he didn't care about the game in the first place. That goes for anyone....if you go into it hating on something, you're just gonna find something to hate about it.

"Cool game but...hmmm...I think it slowed down to 59fps. I'm sure of it, my eyes are least thats what my friends said so, this game is a flop. Face it fanboys, don't waste your money on this glitchy game...I mean dropping to 59fps? Sorry I'm not wasting my money on a $600 system to play Blu-ray movies and sneak around on missions."

Why either both writing about it?

"Heavy Rain Gameplay footage is… rainy."

If Alan Wake was a PS3 exclusive he'd say "Alan Wake is....dark". Just lame.

popup3426d ago

I left an insulting comment on the site and it has been deleted this morning. He has now changed the text on his 'preview' as well, removing 'meh' from the title and changed points in the article it seems. Read it again now.

Syronicus3426d ago

The point I see in MAG is that for the first time ever, we have a game on the consoles that rivals some of the largest PC titles online. Having 256 players online at the same time and doing battle on a single battle ground is rather significant in terms of console gaming. As I said, it seems the author missed the point of this game. If you can imagine the same level of gaming done in another universe, it could quite possibly even more awesome. We will have to wait and see what Sony does with this new net code. Could be pretty cool stuff.

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Dead_Cell3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I wanted a warzone and they promised a warzone.
I'm overlooking "pretty good" graphics for gameplay.
Everything else is secondary IMO.

Edit :
And that's all I want.
A warzone with objectives,loads of people and a decent level of weapons and/or customisation.
I don't need 3 million types of land sea and air vehicles or Killzone 2 graphics just addictive fun.
As long as it isn't laggy on release this is a day one for me.

LinuxGuru3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

(not replying to you directly Dead Cell)

Man all you judgmental fools piss me off. The game has one goal:

Take the small / medium scale warfare you see already in games, and blow it up to an exponentially larger size.

They've achieved that. Yeah so there's some lag what? There's plenty of time for them to iron out the kinks in their net code...don't worry about it.

Judge a game based on what it sets out to do, not what you WANT it to set out to do. That's just selfish.

orakga3426d ago


Honestly, my only concerns are:

1) Lag: Sort it out. We don't need another SOCOM-esque disaster launch.

2) Basic Gameplay: Make the game play RIGHT. I don't need it to be KZ2 quality, but at least get close enough to COD4's level so we don't have to be torn between MW2 and MAG...

jetlian3426d ago

until i see 256 people in the same zone l'm calling it bogus. its only what 32(64) people per sector? all it does is update another sectors outcome to make you think mores going on.

say my sector is completely taken over can i go to another to help out? haven't heard you can

LinuxGuru3426d ago

Dude, it's one big can go anywhere you like.

jetlian3424d ago

have you seen 256 people in the same area aka on screen? I know i haven't. unless you can interact with them its not 256

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ryuzu3426d ago

The E3 demo didn't really set the world alight.

A big whoop when it became clear a full 256 person game was to be demo'd but then, well, a whole lot of not much really.

Seems like the world just isn't ready for 256 people to try and play a real time action game together. Resistance did about as good a job as I've seen with larger numbers but all in all, it's not the number of players that makes the game fun.

Over and above the the technical conquest of getting 256 people in a single PS3 game instance, I'm not sure this is looking particularly worthwhile. I'd love this to be a worthy SOCOM replacement but it doesn't look like it's there.


Reefskye3426d ago

Planetside was prolly the first MMOFPS and that didn't offer much more than alot of FPS games out there the fact that the battles where so big and intense is what made it so good.. planetside was the best FPS experience ive ever had.. but i doubt MAG will have as many tanks and aircraft.. on the battlefield as planetside had.. but it should still be good..

Oh SOE stop supporting Everquest and SWG these games are soooo dead.. am not impressed by the agency either! they should make a Planetside 2!!! how i miss a collum of 30 tanks rolling down on a base! with 25 manned planes behind you!

zoneofenders3426d ago

i love planet side. the scale really makes difference. even though there were some balance problem.
god why they dont make a sequel? DC universe my a$$...

QuackPot3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

... if developers actually look at what the competition has done or previous games.

Planetside should have been a guide for Zipper as well as PC Battlefield2.

Frack, Warhawk2 with 256 players, squad & class system, sprint & roll function would completely rule all MMOs on a console and seriously challenge PC MMOs.

Christopher3426d ago

Planetside was great. Killing Sporkfire tons of times was even more fun :p

The problem, though? It was a game way ahead of its time and didn't sell well since it wasn't your typical P2P FPS and most FPS players were weary of SOE and their subscription fees. Now with online gaming prevalent on the consoles, it would be the perfect time to see a Planetside 2 one the PS3.

Doletskaya3426d ago

Gamers really have double standards these days.
If MW2 comes out as a normal FPS with nothing special at all,gamers will think it's amazing and impressive.
If MAG comes out as a similar FPS to MW2 but with a much larger scale of battle and more content,people will still call it generic and disappointing.

Reefskye3426d ago

MAG is the only real FPS that has caught my attention since planetside.. this reminds me alot of planetside.. 3 factions fighting for bases and land.. planetside maps where alot bigger though i think..

ive wanted MAG since i heard about it cos its the only game that can come close to the planetside experiance.