GameSpot: FIFA 10 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Lots of other tweaks and additions have been made to other facets of the game as well. The improved momentum system brings a greater risk-versus-reward element for being aggressive on offense or defense, essentially making it difficult for aggressive players to recover if they miss their intended target. Also, changes have been made to the Manager mode. Match simulations in this mode are now based on the skill of individual players and on a per-minute basis, so the outcomes should be a bit more realistic. Transfers now take into account the prestige of a club, as well as opportunities for player growth and opportunities for money. For example, if a star player is fielding offers from other teams, he may be less likely to join a team that already has another star player or simply doesn't have enough money. We've only scratched the surface of FIFA 10, so we hope to get a peek at some of these and other refinements in the near future before the game is released this fall".

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