Destructoid: Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On

Destructoid writes: "And yet, it still felt like I was playing a slightly tweaked version of the first game. I was hanging out with new characters, in a new environment, with a few new weapons and special infected and a new type of crescendo event, still felt almost exactly like the first game, up until those last few moments. My strategies didn't change significantly, nor did the emotions I felt while playing the game. I'm all for new maps and everything, but what little I saw at this E3 playthrough didn't feel like enough to warrant Left 4 Dead 2's sequel status. I'll be interested to see what other new things the game will offer in the coming months before its slated November release, but I just don't feel all that thrilled for Left 4 Dead 2 just yet. It's fun, exciting, and tense, sure -- but it's all of those things in almost the exact same way the first game was".

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Creep3427d ago

they seem to be following the same strategies as MS by ripping their fans off with a spin of the same game but change a couple of things instead it should just be release as an expansion pack or like crysis warhead should be realease for 29.99