White Knight Chronicles gets town-building, Q1 release for US

Joystiq wrote: "White Knight Chronicles is targeting a Q1 2010 release date in the US and Europe -- over a year after its Japanese release last Christmas. The reason the game is taking so long to get to the West is because Level-5 is working on extra content, which will be included on the disc. This content will be patched in to the Japanese version for free at around the same time."

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Gue13428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt!!!!!!????? ?

2010 just to add a system that will allow to create a freaking town? For what? Who cares about that crap? This is no Dark Cloud! In fact I hate Dark Cloud!

Man I wanted this game for the summer. ;_;

Green Lantern23428d ago

are their any ps3 games that are actually coming out this year.

Vojkan3428d ago

Nope....this is what i said earlier today...PS3 games get delayed, Heavy rain, this, GOW3(ok for that one) and we are left with cluster f..k MAG, UNCHARTED 2 (tripple A), Ratchet (great also) and that's about it for this year...wait beyond!
I am an idiot for not buying 360 day one, they have been enjoying games for 4 years now, while i just keep on waiting on PS3 like an idiot. MS will release new console in year or two that will take a dump on anything PS3. Sony....shakes head...what a let down this gen...

gambare3428d ago

yeah ur right, they need to learn to microsoft that rushes products to get early releases just like GeoW2 with the bugfest multiplayer and.... ups!

gravv3428d ago

this year kz2 aaa, mlb 2009 aaa
infamous its not an aaa but a great game > racepro ninja blade halo wars (metacritics)

RnC, Uncharted, Demon soul, Afrika, MAG, Xedge

just compare it to what 360 have this year

NegativeCreep4273427d ago

Don't even waste your typing energy trying to explain as such. Green Lantern has obviously labeled himself/herself/itself an idiot as soon as he/she/it posted that question!

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Jamegohanssj53428d ago

I would have rather you guys give us a patch two. I really want this game, but I am not willing to order from Play Asia.


jkoz3428d ago

Seriously. Q1 2010? March-June, it's gonna go up against FFXIII and get slaughtered.

N4Sony3428d ago

Can't localize well. Seriously, Rogue Galaxy took more than a year, as now White Knight will. They suck at bringing things over in English.

Baka-akaB3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

hum they added 30-35 more hours to the us version of rogue galaxy .

Besides i'd bet it's january instead of december 2009 .
Think about it , given the popularity of jrpg in us and europe , it would get slaughtered among the christmas hits of the ps3 and 360

FamilyGuy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I really wanted this game this year and they had already claimed a fall/winter release like last month.

In know not everyone has the internet but damn, a free dlc + patch would have looked better than a delay anyways. We ALL love seeing fre DLC on PSN so they screwed up with deciding to put it on the disc and release it later.
Patching the games problems on the disc was a fine idea though but the free content could've been on the store.

Just remembered, it's like what 16 cents per gigabyte for the stuff on psn? So maybe they did make the smart move avoiding that cost.

PLUS what Baka said about who they'd be competing with. Being after the holiday isnt good but if there's heavy competition then i guess it's best to avoid as long as they're over a month before FFXIII too.

*big sigh*
I still want you so i guess i'll have to wait.
*grumble grumble*

Dragun6193427d ago

Well, Since they're adding new content to the game, Lets hope they get that Voice chat in for online portion.

It seems 2010 will be a big year for gamers! Seriously, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy Versus 13, Final Fantasy 14, White Knight Chronicles, Quantum Theory, Alan Wake, Left for Dead 2, Mass Effect 2, PSP Go!, MGS: Rising, MGS Peace Walker, etc.

Rock Bottom3427d ago

Final Fantasy Versus 13... in 2010? very funny.

@jkoz: Q1 2010 is January to March.

Infernostew3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Here's hoping FFXIII actually comes out Q1 2010. Chances are even though SE said it'll be out Spring 2010 (which isn't really Q1), it'll be delayed to at least the summer.

RememberThe3573427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

should take their time. There are a ton of games coming out between now and then.

The game will be here before we know it.

Immortal Kaim3427d ago

Damn...Was really looking forward to WKC this year :(

To the people saying it will be competing with FFXIII, it won't. This is coming out in Q1, whereas FFXIII is coming out in late Q2, so there will be at least 2 months difference.

FamilyGuy3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

"It seems 2010 will be a big year for gamers!"

I somehow read "2010 will be the year of the PS3!"

Im starting to feel like a 360 fanboy when i read that. PS3 supporters do seem to say that and then push it back to the next year, and the next year, and the next year.

REALLY: Major PS3 games come out all the time but they're spread out so much that we can hardly claim one year as the year the PS3 released the most and best exclusives/games.
I believe 2008 was a GREAT year for the PS3 but everyone has their own opinions about which games are great and what feel flat.

Apart from the year the PS3 launched i think it's had noteworthy titles EVERY year.

This year still in line for release or released:
Killzone 2
Fat Princess
Rag Doll Kung Fu (i liked it and it was free but after i played it i saw it would've been worth the $10)
Demons souls
Ninja Gaidan Sigma 2 ("definitive version")
Ratchet and Clank - ACIT (this year)
Uncharted 2
MLB the Show
Some others, PSN and physical, that im forgetting
In Home game launching and other interactive things
DC Universe Online (not my taste but i think its this year)
And a ton of PS1 classic are coming

I think ive made my point, This year is STILL on course to be ANOTHER great year for PS3 owners.

jkoz3427d ago

@Rock Bottom
No it isn't, not fiscally. When game companies talk about "Q1" or "Q4" it's within their fiscal year... this does not reflect the actual calendar year. Generally Q1 starts in April for most gaming companies. God of War was set to come out Q4 of 2009 which can be anywhere in Christmas to its rumored, and now concrete, March 2010 release date.

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Lucreto3428d ago


I was hoping for the end of the year. The online part does not appeal to me. I want the offline game and add the georama part in a patch.

jack_burt0n3428d ago

that is a phenomenal fail i was thinking september what the hell are they thinking Q1 is now too packed what ps3 rpgs are landing 09 worldwide!??1?

pwnsause3428d ago

Demon Souls

seriously though :(

Cerberus_Hunter3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I guess i'll be picking up that instead.

Edit: here some gameplay from e3 if you haven't already i think it looks great.

TheColbertinator3428d ago

Dragon Age will also be amazing

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