ZKG's Big 3 E3 Round-Up: Nobody Is Willing To Concede This Time and Our Problem With MS's Project Natal

ZKG writes "This was by far the best E3 in a long time and it really demonstrates the resiliency of the gaming industry but also a noticeable increase in competition and attempts to out innovate the others.

Project Natal could be a devastating blow to Microsoft's competitors but as a technologist I have major questions as to how technically possible it is in the next few years, it will require a very complex and robust solution that even if it can be achieved would not prove cost effective to produce and I don't think MS wants to put out something else that is going to lose them money."

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Chris3993423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

But years away.

ChozenWoan3422d ago

The best parts of natal was the voice recognition and dashboard interaction.

The first problem with Natal is that PSeye/EyeToy has shown 50% of what was demonstrated and the rest is really just software. With a firmware update, the PS3 could just as easily use the PSeye to navagate the XMB and do voice recognition of a few keywords... overnight.

The second problem with Natal is that without a reliable way to get true 1:1 tracking, it's just as gimmicky as the current wiimote... on second though more so. I don't know to many gamers who want to spend 5 hours on their feet just to play a game. At least with Sony's system, you could be sitting down and still run, jump, shoot, swing, and interact in a game like normal but with an enhanced experience.

Ohh and from the looks of it, Sony's product is closer to market.

That looks sweet and not as geeky as what was shown onstage.

But to be honest, forget the motion controllers... GIVE ME MIND CONTROLERS.... so I can control your minds... emm... I mean play games with ma brainz.

thatruth20063423d ago

By trade I am a techie and the technology is simply not there yet. And as you will see we state several reasons why its just not feasible right now on a mass scale and won't be for a few years.

Sonyslave33423d ago

how the fvck is years away when MS already got the it work and ign,gameradar,kotaku,gamespy,g amepro,steven fvcking speilberg try it and they love it.

nombon3423d ago

if its years away then why is peter molyneux making an elaborate game (i dont know if thats what you wanna call it) for the technology, and why did he show it off. :P i think its gonna be comming around this holiday season (hopefully)

lloyd_wonder3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I don't think this kind of interaction is practical yet. People need some kind of peripheral to engage them, especially if this is aimed at a casual gamer. How do you explain this to them? If you hand them a simple controller they'll pick up on that quick.

I also don't think riding an invisible skateboard is fun. :/