WH Smith Cuts PS3 Price to £399.99

Happy Easter, says WH Smiths to a generally unappreciative British population rapidly losing interest in buying Sony's PlayStation 3 'mega computer game digital entertainment centre'. Have £25 off the recommended retail price, says the high street's favourite newsagent.

MCV reports earlier that WH Smith has become the first high street PS3 stockist to significantly cut the price point of the machine, selling the console for £399.99.

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Bigmac5734270d ago

Happy Easter, says WH Smiths to a generally unappreciative British population rapidly losing interest in buying Sony’s PlayStation 3 ‘mega computer game digital entertainment centre’.

Their first sentence is enough to tell you they hate the PS3. Why can't they just give an unbiased article?

techie4270d ago

Nice! Still I can get it from Virgin for £380 :)

CyberSentinel4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Its obvious they are overstocked, and want to get rid of them before they get stuck with them.

achira you must work for Sony, you sure lie like them.

Funky Town_TX4270d ago

It only been out for a week there right.

Thugbot1874270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

It would be interesting to know what their current inventory is and if that number will be the increased or decreased. It would also be nice to compare that stock inventory order with other retailers. If the inventory is significantly lower and it’s not a result of Sony not being able to manufacture enough units, or that they are just selling out, then CyberSentinel could have a good point. However if the inventory stock stays the same or increases this could just be a promotional gimmick, to boost the overall retail sales by getting customers into the store. After all he did say “Happy Easter”, so I’m leaning to the side of a promotional marketing gimmick…

TheExecutive4270d ago

you have two bubbles... a lot of talk but nothing interesting to say.

kewlkat0074270d ago

I mean by them cutting the price aren't they loosing money? I know Sony already sold it and made its cut, but the store itself.

What is that price in US dollars anyway? If it's like $350 dollars maybe I can get one..

Yo Wassap4270d ago

The problem is tha it doesn't convert properly to USD, if you look at the standard retail price of the UK. The PS3 should be $840, this deal would equate to $789 so no gain there. Why is it so expensive over here, it should cost £303.

GameJunkieJim4270d ago

I see a company that's trying to cut it's losses and quit while it's ahead. He's not selling for much above cost. But with the borked PS3 that the IK is getting, most of my pals over there refuse to buy now; saying that they refuse to pay more for a console that offers less than the USA or Japan gets.

achira4270d ago

what do you mean with less ? in my opinion the emulation of ps2 games is very good, and will get better, this is no reason to cry it is less. and we europeans dont pay more you cant say that, because we get more money for our work, do you get that ? so if you earn 1000 dollars we earn in europe 1000 euros, its easy as that. a xbox360 costs 400 euros, too, why dont you complain about that ? and xbox360 bc is a joke, why dont you complain about that ? ppl like you cant be serious.

ammojoe4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Big Box retailer marketing 101 here.

They lure them in with a sale on an item that they break even on (or even lose money on in some cases) and then stick it to them on the accessories like hdmi cables and controllers and games etc..

Thats the way it is with most electronics in big box retail stores. You may be getting a printer at cost but you better believe they made 1000% on the cable or print cartridges or the warranty you bought with it.

Now I not saying thats whats happening here but can you guys at least see a different viewpoint other than they are scared that they will be "stuck" with them?

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The story is too old to be commented.