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A video feature that claims to bring light to why is not necessarily the best place to get sales numbers.

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TheMART4269d ago

Uhm... Everybody knew this already, right? He takes salesdata that is known the latest and calculates how much are then sold every second.

He lets the time run and calculate the extra sales with it, untill the time that the latest sale data is out again.

Obviously NO ONE can show realtime sales. Not even VGA Charts.

BUT this guy has tuned down the numbers also. He did it with the 360, which he first had scaled to high. But still. If he calculates back to a second from sales data known, I don't see the problem. Yep it won't be completely accurate, but on the other hand it's the closest you get probably.

Because 600k PS3's sold in Europe. Says who? Sony? Analysts? real number?

Take that in mind

Blasphemy4268d ago

you believe this guy over the bbc LOL! the guy uses a auto counter for gods sake LOL!!!

SmokeyMcBear4269d ago

ahahahahahahaha.. wait..wait..hahahaha..oh man.. classic.

DJ4269d ago

Yup, it's all about VG Charts.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4269d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

10/9, reasons, one opinion and a reminder why your sales numbers websites are not to be trusted.

1. Notice there is no contact information available other than an e-mail, I mean if these numbers were official there would be legal information so not to be sued by mega corporations
2. Why do these number sites have discussion forums? And why do these sites lead to advertisements? Wouldn’t these “official legal serious business’s” that provide people with “supposedly” accurate information be unbiased, considering it would benefit all business?
3. Why no information boasting about how accurate there information is? Wouldn’t they want to advertise there accuracy so there “competitor” wouldn’t take there jobs?
4. Why does the site “page layout” look as if it were made on myspace? If it where so important to have such numbers you would think there page would look like something not made by a child.
5. Provide some reliable links and why do the links they do have lead to fanboys?
6. Uh why do PS3, Wii and 360 fans post the one that makes them look good but disapprove of the other?
7. These are used as a sort of recruitment tool for some members, they use it on noobs to score more fans.
8. The best why to track these numbers is wait for the “Company making the product” to release official numbers and subtract a bit for hype (be honest about subtracting don’t be liars, lies hurt everyone) You see unlike us gaming addicts it would hurt them if they were to break international business laws for lying to much to its costumers (fans)
9. If there are people putting up numbers this accurately, then why do they not advertising there genius to world and predict business sales of more then just gaming? And I would love to take these guys to Vegas and ask them to run my company.
10. The PS3 fanboys site of choice makes me laugh the most, it reminds me of when someone erases letters from a sign for form a dirty word or when they write bad sh*t about people on the bathroom walls. And IMO Its obviously the one with the most jealousy written on its face (There are discussion forums where fanboys argue).
One more W?TF is there spyware and ads on these sites?

To the guy below me that last one is the fanyboy in me rubbing it in. If you have a hard time with that seek help or medication.

fenderputty4268d ago

Everything sounded good until your last commment. Then you just sounded like and idiot.

Torch4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

primarily because the graphs were completely disproportionate to the sales figures.

For example, numerically, the 360 had significantly less than fifty percent of the sum of all three console sales. Yet, the graph portrayed respective 360 sales as hovering above around seventy to eighty percent of total sales for the longest time. So there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that SOMETHING was inaccurate about that site, bogus or not.

I noticed today that they uh, "enhanced" the site by adding dynamic number changes, a line graph, and an ever-so-soothing baby-blue background. The graph representations appear to have been corrected (rounded up to the tenth):

Current graphical proportions:
360: 56.1%
PS3: 14.7%
Wii: 30.3%

These are the current numerical representations:
360: 55.44%
PS3: 14.25%
Wii: 30.30%

I still think the site's bogus, though.

kewlkat0074269d ago

you really can't be exact on the DOT, not even that VGcharts site is and his website seem to be somewhat accurate. Maybe that code does a good job of what its suppose to do. you can't argue the numbers, it's not like they are off by so much millions...

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