E3: Hamilton F1 sim aids Forza 3

CVG Report's: Turn-10 Studios is pulling out all the stops to make sure Forza 3 isn't just another racing sim, but the racing sim. And it's doing that by sneaking a peek at data yanked from the simulator Lewis Hamilton uses for practice.

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green3428d ago

This game is going to be something else.

gamesmaster3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

definitive racing sim on xbox, forza 3 for sure.

definitive racing sim on ps3, GT5 for sure.

Can we just not leave it at that?

i will have this and gt5 when they release.

ChozenWoan3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Plus during the MS conference he just really stressed the issue of the whole "this gen" thing way to much. So....

Sharing notes 1 time with a simulator dev studio is = to over 10yrs of hands on car sim development and car driving experience. OK I'm sold.

sarcasm aside, I will admit that customizing your ride is a sweet feature of FM3. But when it comes to driving sims, GT has been delivering nothing but top quality from day one.

menoyou3428d ago

Even Gran Turismo PSP looks as good as this game graphically and has more cars. So saying it's "the" racing game is just silly.

JOLLY13428d ago

I guess it isn't interesting

V ii T aL3428d ago

The game is gonna be sick no doubt but we still gotta see what gt5 has for us!

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Antan3428d ago

Lets hope they`re using data from last seasons Mclaren $)

creeping judas3428d ago


I think the disagrees are coming from the uninformed masses!!!

creeping judas3426d ago


I guess there are alot of J. Button fans out there!!
By the amount of disagrees I got??

cronaldo73428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


shazui1233428d ago

Sounds really cool and all, but going so far to call it THE racing sim? Not cool. Why does either gt5 or forza 3 have to kill each other anyway? They both look great, wish ms and that douche turn10 guywould stfu. Definitive racing game my ass until ive played it :) want more on both games

FordGTGuy3428d ago


1) Dan G. is a very cool guy and when unscripted very unbiased.

2) Everything he said on stage was scripted by Microsoft.

3) Gran Turismo has never given anyone a reason to say that it is a better racing simulator then Forza.

shazui1233428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Why the disagrees? Theres a fanboy on the loose...
All I said was this looks interesting and both games are good neither has to best the other in a debate all the time, if youve got a problem with that you shouldnt be a gamer, youre too young & dumb.

So no stupid, logicless comeback? Wow, youre a fanboy witth a vagina, have fun with your sad life, fannyboy :P

shazui1233427d ago

its always been a better racing sim than forza, every GT game is a reason, you douche.

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