Castlevania: Lord of Shadows unveiled

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

At their E3 press conference, Konami has officially unveiled Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows. The trailer, narrated by Patric Stewart, was all in-engine, featuring some God of War-esque action. The game is due for PS3/360 in 2010.


Trailer is live:

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Naucious3427d ago

I love this franchise!! Ever since symphony of the night ive been hooked. Hope its similar to C:SOTN because that was a classic! Bring on Allucard!!

el zorro3427d ago

This has the potential to be a really good game guys. Nice to see Konami throwing support behind both consoles.


So the only project Kojima is fully controlling is PW?

I hope he announces MGS5 next year :D

In the meantime, maybe fanboys can STFU and enjoy these great games together...

kewlkat0073427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Have you been playing the DS games as well? That's as close to SOTN it has gotten...

Curse of Darkness for the Original Xbox was aight with a decent soundtrack. Probably the better of the3 D Castlevania but it wasn't Castlevania:Symphony Of The Night.

Basically, were all waiting for a Cvania with the same touch and and with just as AWESOME fn Soundtrack, but in 3D. Well, I have yet to see it. A great Cvania will have to be Devil May Cryish in a sense of style and grandeur. With huge Castle and secret rooms. Allowing you to beat Castle on normal, Upside-down, on it side to the left and right for 400% completion.

Just Maybe, I won't get my hopes up, we'll see..

qface643427d ago

as long as they never abandon the 2d castlevania style i don't mind they this game

Antan3427d ago

"as long as they never abandon the 2d castlevania style i don't mind they this game"

Then this may disappoint you my friend.

rockleex3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

HD Remix of SOTN!!! >:D

Kaneda3427d ago

Is the PS3 getting uncompressed audio? :)

lordgodalming3427d ago

Kojima and Dracula??? Right freaking on.

Only complaint: is anyone else starting to feel like most games have a very similar look this gen? This could be DMC or Bayonetta or even NG to a certain extent. I understand that it's too time-consuming to build new engines all the time, but games that DO have original engines are the ones that really knock your socks off. I'm thinking R&C, Uncharted, FFXIII, and Valkyria Chronicles, to name a few.

Still, Kojima working on Castlevania...Coooooool.

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Antan3427d ago

God Of War esque guys!

peeps3427d ago

lookin frwd to seeing how this turns out

FrankFoxJaegar3427d ago

can't wait to see the trailer.

cmrbe3427d ago

the first time i saw it after CDC 08 that Lord of Shadow is Castlevenia. It was confirmed back then that it was multi-plat. I guess they just needed to reconfirm it.

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