Kojima Confirms MGS:Rising for PS3

On the live ticker feed from the Kojima E3 conference, at 3:35pm PST Anthony Severio confirmed that Kojima himself has confirmed Metal Gear Solid: Rising is indeed coming to the Playstation 3

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Gun_Senshi3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I told you Rising is coming for PS3 AND PC but you called me fanboy.

I told you Rising is not directed by Kojima but you called me fanboy.

I ALSO told you that Lost Planet 2 is coming on PS3 but you called me fanboy again.

I was always right.

I bet they gonna show new Castlevania. wait and see

Edit: HA Right again on Castlevania!

Venomish3427d ago

I guess this will make everyone finally STHU now right

Gue13427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Yeah, it is very hard to express personal opinions in this site without someone calling you a fanboy or something... That's why I am a troll. Logic doesn't work in N4G.

I say personal opinions because you don't have a crystal ball that sees the future nor I think you are any kind of insider. You probably thought all of this by using logic. =D

MUNKYPOO3427d ago

gun senshi do you think mass effect 2 will come to the ps3?

Jamegohanssj53427d ago

Anthony, I love you, but I just want that unannounced Sony game. I already knew aboot this.

Thanks and love always and forever



Gun_Senshi3427d ago

I cannot take any side on that game. Mass Effect 1 was published by MS Game Studios, but now EA owns the IP. They may have made a deal to make it exclusive, or timed exclisuves. I cannot say. Not much info is known about Mass Effect 2 too. But I will come on PC :P

Why o why3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

will i get laid really??

....damn............left or right 0_o either i cum palmella

Gun_Senshi3427d ago

You will get laid by your hand wanking on porn

verb3k3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

In fact, even if rising was 360 exclusive, it would be another arcadish hack-and-slash game, not a tactical espionage action game. Moreover, Kojima is not directing it, so don't expect a very good story.

I think Kojima is already working on MGS5 for PS3 Exclusive :)
If you think this is true give me some bubbles please.

BLuKhaos3427d ago

I foresee you taking Palmela Handerson to the prom tonight.

ultimolu3427d ago

Senshi gets a bubble and a thumbs up.
Now fanboy fanatics can stop assuming this is an exclusive. Kojima confirmed it himself.

pain777pas3427d ago

Everyone should know there role and shut there mouths about exclusive 3rd party games and I mean everybody. Count on 1st party games only this gen guys or you'll be dissapointed.

sirbigam3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

because that game was the sh!t I loved Raidens half of the game especially that sword fight with the last boss at the end.

FamilyGuy3427d ago

I can't believe anyone, ESPECIALLY here on N4G would have that it to be M$ exclusive. I mean really, M$ didn't use the word "exclusive" and both micro and sony LOVE to use the word WHENEVER it applies.

It was the main thing i focused on listening for when kojima took the M$ stage.

Syronicus3426d ago

Now I just hope that it is in line with the MGS series and not just some bland spin off with no deep story line.

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peeps3427d ago

i can't believe how many times this has been debated but at least it's from the 'horses mouth' as it were. so ppl can finally shut up... lol in other news Castlevania is coming to ps3/360 in 2010!

3427d ago
kornbeaner3427d ago

not really sold on it just yet. Having an MGS game without kojima is like a KFC without Mr.Sanders. It just don't seem right.

cmrbe3427d ago

until MGS5.Just don't expect it to be an EPIC MGS game that we are use to.

raztad3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The right "filler" will be Peace Walker (damn I love my PSP). This Raiden game is just an action game set in the MGS universe. I cant imagine Raiden going sneaky, rather the contrary.

C_SoL3427d ago

is definitely stepping it up with the PSP.

I love it. I'm definitely getting a PSPgo now.

Marceles3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

buh buh buh MS conference wins because Kojima said it there! buh buh...buh....b...u...h....owne d

Venomish3427d ago

well it is "metal gear solid" and you play as raiden from mgs4
no matter what the story is/ gameplay is, i wanna play it
kojima is the producer, not the director only the producer
and he said he comments on the game here and there (but not too much he said) [ source : the famitsu interview ]
it should be fun , at least i hope, we havent seen any screenshots yet

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