Just How Exclusive Is Splinter Cell: Conviction?

If there's one definitive way to push publishers, developers and public relations personnel off balance, it's broaching the subject of console exclusivity. Begin the line of inquiry and you're sure to get darting eyes, an elongated "Wellllll ..." and an answer that crumples in on itself as soon as it's spoken. Perhaps it's appropriate that the topic of Splinter Cell: Conviction's exclusivity is steeped in a cloak-and-dagger mystery.

When asked if the ambitious Xbox 360 and PC stealth title was exclusive in the really real sense, producer Alex Parizeau simply stated, "It's exclusive," and admitted that it was a business arrangement with Microsoft. Prodding about timed exclusivity (a la BioShock and Fallout 3 DLC) didn't yield anything less enigmatic, so they turned to lead game designer Steve Masters. "As far as I know," he said, "this is completely exclusive."

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Silellak3425d ago

Conviction will come to the PS3 around the same time MGS4 makes its way to the 360.

Genesis53425d ago

Yeah. Unless it's first party good luck on an exclusive these days.

V ii T aL3425d ago

I see it coming to PC in early 2010 and maybe ps3. But i doubt it. MS will find away to keep it from ps3. I really don't care if it does though. Ill just play it on my 360 anyway.

Rigmaster3425d ago

Never heard a single Playstation owner ever express any interest in this series.

If there are they will just play the game with better graphics on their PCs at home.

jammy_703425d ago

i can see it comming to ps3... though knowing microsolf they'd pay millions to keep it exclusive...

s8anicslayer3425d ago

I don't really care for Mr. fisher, I prefer the one Mr. Snake

BRACHATTACK3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"As far as I know," he said, "this is completely exclusive."

"But that may change in the future."


Hesitation, perhaps?

Tony P3425d ago

A 360 exclusive announcement just doesn't hold water these days. MS has only itself to blame.

Don't call games exclusive when you know it's only for a limited time. Get those first party studios producing and maybe then MS can confidently call a title exclusive and mean it.

Information Minister3425d ago

The very first Splinter Cell was also exclusive to the original Xbox...

... for a while.

mastiffchild3425d ago

It looks like a return to form, imo, from what I've seen. Didn't they scrap this once to start over? If so then maybe MS were always part funding, didn't like what they saw but didn't want the game to go down the crapper and voila! Here we are today with a third party game that will stay 360 exclusive, maybe, eh?

Whatever, Ubi admit that this has been part funded/payed for by MS which, after the last game was terrible, still seems like a risk. If it really has got back to it's Pandora heyday then it will work out but I'm not so sure that SC is the size of exclusive MS deals with these days.

As a series fan I hope I'm wrong but I generally don't get the feeling from talking to mates and people online that the franchise is as eagerly awaited as it once was. As I said, though, it did look pretty cool and I'll be pre-ordering mine asap I just hope that it gets a good release date and evryone else picks it up as it's a great series spoiled by one poor effort.

Aclay3425d ago

"Conviction will come to the PS3 around the same time MGS4 makes its way to the 360. "

Sorry, but at this point, if MGS4 hasn't been announced for the 360 yet, it's NEVER going to happen. There's just WAYY to many PS3 references in MGS4 for it to be thought to be released elsewhere in my opinion, and Kojima's team have moved onto other products. MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive and will stay that way FOREVER.

In terms of Splinter Cell Conviction exclusivity, I DO expect the game to come to the PS3 eventually. ALL Splinter Cell games have been released on a Playstation console, and Splinter Cell Double Agent came out on the PS3 2 years ago.

I see absolutely no reason why Conviction will stay exclusive unless M$ actually paid for it... but in the end, I think Conviction will be just another timed exclusive, just like Bioshock, Tales of Vesperia, Fallout 3 DLC and more.

Blaze9293425d ago

You completely missed his point lmao. He's saying Conviction going to the SP3 is as likely as MGS4 going to the 360.

"As far as I know," he said, "this is completely exclusive."

Just take that and deal with it.

Dark General3425d ago

I've been talking about SC: Convictions since it looked like a modern day Assassins Creed last year. I'm a Ps3 owner only (for now) and I like Splinter Cell. Stealth games is actually one of my favorite genre's and that includes SC. The new Splinter Cell looks amazing. Splinter Cell feeling but with a bit more of a open world hitman kind of vibe to it.


Yes, but then he says "But that may change in the future", basically guaranteeing a PS3 version.

menoyou3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

This game doesn't look like anything special so it's no big deal. It's just Microsoft's way to have a stealth genre exclusive to their console.

He said "that may change in the future" which basically means it's coming to PS3 anyway.

StanLee3425d ago

Andy McNamara from GameInformer confirmed this years ago. Microsoft asked for the game to be completely revamped and it was they who kept the press from seeing the game. It was obvious then Microsoft had basically paid Ubisoft to make the game to have that much control over a third party IP.

LONEWOLF2313425d ago

I doubt this will hit PS3 since it is optimized for the 360 hardware. Besides why would the PS3 loyals want it on their machine, i mean werent you guys bashing it ??? It seems many here change their minds just as quick as they do underwear.

Megatron083425d ago

LONEWOLF231 if you think they change their underwear you are giving them waaaaaaaaay to much credit

BISHOP-BRASIL3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Actually it was one of the (very) few games that are third party and didn't have it exclusivity failed after tested...

MGSR apeared in MS "exclusive games from now on" moment and was debunked the same day.

FF XIV barelly was announced and was already doubted as being exclusive.

Lost Planet is already confirmed.

Lord of Shadows (mask) was taunted by many as PS exclusive and already is confirmed for both PS3 and 360.

The list could go for hours.

The only third party games I remember still standing as exclusive or "console exclusive" (as you like it) between 360 and PS3 (i didn't even care to look at Ninty in this year's E3) are Splinter Cell, Mass Effect, Quantum Theory and japanese PS3 games like Demon's Souls and Yakuza 3.

Everything else is eigher first/second party or multiplatform.

EDIT: Add Left 4 Dead 2.

Willio3425d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction..... 1 yr later.... Splinter Cell Conviction Sigma released on PS3 only. 1 game - 2 exclusives haha.

y0haN3424d ago

It's on the PC. It isn't exclusive. It never was. MGS4, however, is still exclusive to one platform. Sorry boys.

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Gun_Senshi3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Its on PC. So nope.

So is FFXIV. Its not exclusive, its on PC, and I will buy it on PC due to add ons like FFXI had

3425d ago
Blackcanary3425d ago

I always did DRG/BLU as my combo when it comes to jobs wasn't a fan of RDM.

TheColbertinator3425d ago

For some reason I agree with Mrnintendo but not with Gun Senshi

KionicWarlord2223425d ago

Ether way it still is going be a great game.

Green Lantern23425d ago

lol here that this is completely exclusive no splinter cell for yall ps3fanboys.

goflyakite3425d ago

Hey look! I'm typing this comment on a PC!

II Necroplasm II3425d ago

I'll get it for the 360 my PC sucks for gaming. Most PS fanboys won't admit that lol

thebudgetgamer3425d ago

im typing this on my linux enabled ps3.


talltony3425d ago

I wouldnt be surprised to see this on ps3 a little bit down the line.

deadreckoning6663425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

gREEN lATERN: God of War 3 is a PS3 Exclusive and ur talkin sht. ARE-U-FREAKING-KIDDING ME????

II Necroplasm II3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

This game will be on PS3 later on most likely. But Haze and red steel stay exclusive, So who knows.

taco_tom2373425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

i watched the demo on g4 a couple of minutes ago and it said multiplatform

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