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Bone-idle writes "When reviewing a Sandbox game that isn't Grand Theft Auto you have to make allowances for the elephant in the room. With sucker punches first game in 2 years there are many, many elephants to allow for. If your going to take parts from games like Crackdown, Gears of War , GTA , the Force Unleashed , Assassins Creed ,Bio shock and Fable your either confident that your game has enough identity to stand up on its own or your well of ideas has run dry and your squeezing creative juices from someone else game.

Infamous avoids the later...but just about."

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Gue13476d ago

The game's good. Don't mind this ridiculous scores...

InSpectre3475d ago

This website looks like it was put up just for that inFamous review and never touched again.

aldesko3476d ago

Stopped reading at "your"

deadreckoning6663476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

U guys are crazy, this game got plenty of high scores but just as many low scores. Admit it, IT HAS ITS FLAWS! Before u act all high and mighty on me with ur fanboy talk, I own a PS3 (PSN: deadreckoning666) I'll be laughing so hard when Prototype does better than INFAMOUS on META. Friggin OPM (Official Playstation Magazine for you kids out there)
gave it 4 outta 5. ITS NOT PERFECT, but its still a good game. Why are 7's and 8's so surprising AND UNNECEPTABLE for INFAMOUS???

Unicron: I didn't say Prototype was perfect,I just thk it will be BETTER. NO GAME IS PERFECT, but I expect them to be as flawless as possible. INFAMOUS has serious framerate issues and I feel that the combat is repetiive.

Unicron3476d ago

Yet Prototype, which you haven't played, IS perfect?

Hypocrisy is not becoming my friend.

sorceror1713475d ago

I can see where someone could have a problem with the combat - me, I like it, but even I wouldn't mind a few more varieties of enemies - but "serious framerate issues"? The framerate varies, yes, but I've never seen it dip below ~30fps. I've never seen it get anywhere near unplayable, or even annoying.

I look at it more as the framerate increases when less is going on, but it never drops below a quite acceptable minimum.

You're right, opinions will vary, and no game is going to make everyone happy. But that's taste - I really haven't seen technical issues with inFAMOUS.

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The story is too old to be commented.