PSP Go! Priced on

Leading UK retailer GAME have priced the new PSP Go! on their website at £179.99, the same price as the original PSP when it launched in the UK.


The price has now been increased to £229.99

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kharma453428d ago

Considering are asking for £250 for this, it's quite a bargain.

Could be worth getting a pre-order in now as GAME have to honour that price, so even if it goes up, you pay £180.

Milky Joe3428d ago

I don;t think they'll change it. Sony said the Go would be the same price as the original at launch which was also £180.

I really want this and will desperately try to justify buying one at release.

whoelse3427d ago

The difference between now and then is that the pound is a lot weaker.

And £229.99 is ridiculous. I expected it to be £199.99 but that is way off.

kharma453427d ago

Just remember, we live in rip off Britain, no surprise we've been done again.

Natsu893427d ago

ppl just import the go.

Uk import from other countries 249 € = 216.40492 UK£ , 249 US$ = 153.533111 UK£

other euro countries get it from america 249 US$ = 176.658389 €

That should be the true pricing:
if america has psp go for 249$ than UK should have it for 153.533111 UK£ and euro countries for 176.658389 € as $ =/= €

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sniper-squeak3428d ago

...will this bring down the price of the PSP-3000?

resistance1003428d ago

Nope that will stay the same at £140 i suspect

Raf1k13428d ago

lol why would some idiot even bother to disagree to such a thing :S

resistance1003428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Snap - Can't wait. Still also by pre-ordering now i know that if game get the price wrong i won't pay any more than this.

kharma453427d ago

Lucky you guys did pre-order as the price is now £230.

I wish I'd done so too last night, ah well :)

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skatezero2463428d ago

ouch! i'm still getting the psp go but dang! that's gonna kill a poor man's wallet <-- (me)

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