Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Videos and Screens from E3 2009

The crew over at Valve revealed that a sequel to their hit game Left 4 Dead will be receiving another zombie-infested sequel in Left 4 Dead 2. PwnorDie has a few screenshots, the box art, the logo, a trailer, and a few gameplay videos from E3 2009 that they have lumped together for our viewing enjoyment.

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Mr_Controversy3424d ago

They released a sequel to soon.

menoyou3424d ago

Yep, a big time rehash. They should have spent some time making something special.

caladbolg7773424d ago

Why can't Valve patch these updates in to the original game ALA Team Fortress 2? Daytime, updated AI, and new weapons hardly seem to warrant L4D2's inevitable $50 pricetag.

Hububla3424d ago

The game hasnt even been out for a YEAR YET!! and this looks like nothing more then an expansion! if this costs over 20$ valve can stick it us their A$$! Plus i mean cmon someone easily could have made this with a MOD! thats all it looks like actually.. and speaking of mods we havent even had enough time for and minor mods or even total conversions come out yet! im very dissapointed in Valve they used to be one of the good ones

Rofflecopter3424d ago

Join the boycott on steam. There is a forum post and a community group. I suggest you join them both as I did. The middle finger to Valve is already a decent size, but the more the merrier!

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HQLocated1113424d ago

Looks the same as the first one. I've seen Sports games make better improvements in a year. Overpriced expansion, sigh.

2FootYard3424d ago

I'm interested. F*** the haters.

GamerPS3603424d ago

I am interested too. But, will buy when it drops to $20.00

Brought original one at 19.99 from steam when it was on sale for weekend.

Agheil3424d ago

This looks like the first

dogmeat eater3424d ago

It makes all valve games look the same. I just wish they would release half life 3. They should stop with the half life 2 episodes. They just nickel and dime you. Oh, one other thing. Valve should actually attempt to make a game on the ps3 for once. Maybe they should stop having random grudges against sony.

tha_meat_beater3424d ago

on the scariest gamming system to play on(because of RROD)

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The story is too old to be commented.