GamesRadar E3 09: How Xbox 360's Natal upstaged Nintendo

Early Monday morning, Microsoft kicked off E3 with a snappy, always-in-motion press conference that announced a great many things. The biggest surprise was the company's new motion-tracking "Natal" technology, a sensor that scans your body and uses YOU as the controller. Literally no buttons, no sticks, no plastic anything at all. Just your body.

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Smacktard3518d ago

Natal is just a gimmick. It's a $200 eyetoy. It's way too expensive, it's being released too late in the system's life, it was glitchy during the conference, and it's really gimmicky. I don't really see many uses for it for real games. If anyone upstaged Nintendo, it was Sony's purple pleasure device. That thing looked amazing. I think they should've saved it for next gen though. Revealing it half-way through this system's life is pretty dangerous. I don't think it will get the support - either first or third party - that it deserves.

I'm still lolling at Molyneux's Nintenkids game.

Mr Marbles3518d ago

a Sony fanboy on a Sony fanboy dominated site thinks MS's new technology is lame? Big flipping surprise, your opinion is so stereo typical fanboy that its redundant and boring.

As for this technology, I think one of the main reasons its amazing is due to the fact the you don't need to hold any plastic at all, you are the controller, pretty impressive indeed, great article.

ChickeyCantor3517d ago

Did you just call SmackTard a Sony fanboy?....

Green Lantern23518d ago

lol Nintendo and sony fanboys still saying it fake lol

Green Lantern23518d ago

watched the ps3fanboys come in and say MS pay GamesRadar.

Redgehammer3518d ago

The possibilities for this seem limitless actually.

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