Final Fantasy XIV Online Press Conference Report, Analysis

The Final Fantasy series has maintained consistent popularity for years -- but many are probably not aware that Final Fantasy XI, the MMO edition of the game, has been extremely profitable for Square Enix for years, and continues to boast a global subscription base in the hundreds of thousands -- and players play together on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2, making it the only successful cross-platform MMO ever.

It's unsurprising, then, that the company would announce that Final Fantasy XIV, set to debut simultaneously for PC and PlayStation 3 in 2010 globally -- and in four languages (Japanese, English, German, and French, with other languages to come later if demand is ascertained by Square Enix marketing research).

Square Enix held a press conference at E3 to discuss the title with fans -- as with every event at E3, it was populated primarily by the enthusiast and fan press. However, some details about the game's design philosophy and market strategy did flow out around the edges.

Director Nobuaki Komoto, senior vice president Shinji Hashimoto, and producer and original Square Soft founder Hiromichi Tanaka were on hand to go into detail on Square Enix's strategy.

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Blackcanary3426d ago

SE are gonna see how well it sales.

Ether that or Sony are gonna have to pay up to keep it Exclusive on consoles.

mcm3426d ago

Sony needs to pay for Final Fantasy 7 to be remade and be exclusive to PS3. That is all.

Kleptic3426d ago

wait, FFXI is playable on the Xbox 360?

I didn't know that...was it released for the Xbox originally too?...

maxcer3426d ago

yup it's the only true milti/cross-platform game. PS2,PC,and 360 all in the same game, and amazingly no fanboy crap to be found anywhere.

OGharryjoysticks3426d ago

They should and I'm sure MS would buy them.